A Simple Tip on Staying Fit over the Net

A Simple Tip on Staying Fit over the Net

When people starts to sit in front of their computers, most of them will take more than 4 hours just by surfing, reading and responding to emails, playing online games, and so on. Some even wake up and heads directly towards their PCs without brushing their teeth or washing their face first.

Some people, usually the ones categorized as geeks, are practically online the entire day. This routine becomes a habit and causes a lot of us to become unable to stay fit.

If you are a regular employee with an eight hour job and is working in front of a computer the entire shift, you might want to consider thinking about your health. Let’s start with your posture. Do you end up realizing that you haven’t been sitting up properly? Do you notice your wrists aching because you have been holding and clicking that mouse for a long period of time?

If you are a gamer, typical net surfer, blogger, virtual assistant, or anyone who exceeds more than an hour online, you should also be concerned. Do you experience being too much engrossed with the game you are playing, the sites you are surfing on, the article you are writing, that you feel exhausted afterwards, maybe blurred vision, or a headache, and even as simple as hunger?

Sometimes we all have the tendency to forget about these simple things. Before you go online, get a mindset that you owe it to yourself to stay fit.

What I usually do when I am online aside from working is I search for sites that offer healthy lifestyles. I read about balanced diet, proper exercise, health tips and advices. Then I apply what I learn while I am online.

Every morning, I do yoga and follow the video instructions available on YouTube. While working and I realized that it has been more than a couple of hours sitting, I grab some snacks that I have learned to prepare from the sites I’ve visited. If I am not hungry, I just stand up and stretch up a bit, look outside the window to relax my mind before going back to work.

In that case, I become more productive and less stressed out. You see, time flies when we are on the net. Staying fit is not just for the health buffs but is also a considerable option to a lot of people who goes online in a long period of time.

Now get yourself warmed up even by just making a couple of deep inhales and exhales.


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