Short article about Microsoft Excel


Short article about Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel means:

Excel is a kind of spreadsheet application which permit  users to edit, revise, store as well as manipulate data information within a set of table-like arrangements that is commonly known as a workbook. A set of spreadsheet is used by workbook to arrange data by columns and rows or a system split into groups. Users will be able to enter information or data into these groups to create simple systems to calculate easy or intricate formulas. In addition, users can also insert items such as charts and diagrams inside their workbook for a graphical presentation of their data.

Excel Versions:

For three dissimilar operating systems, Microsoft created some different excel versions. Up to the present, Microsoft Windows has created 11 special versions. From 1985 to 2012 Apple Macintosh has created 12 versions. Also, the OS/2 working system included 3 different editions during 1989-1991.

Creator of Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Corporation created the Microsoft Excel in 1984. Excel was created to make a more efficient, user friendly method for worksheet users to work out data with no worry of dealing with DOS authority line. Originally, it was designed for Apple computers. When Microsoft started in 1987, one of the initial programs built for Microsoft Windows was Microsoft Excel. It was just Windows supported spreadsheet application from 1987 until 1992.

Tools of Excel:

Microsoft Excel has generated a number of helpful tools such as, menus to let Excel users customize their workbook inside their individual specific Microsoft Excel application. They created Quick access toolbar so that users can create a swift technique to access frequently used commands.

Some Features of excel:

Many features were created by Microsoft Excel for their users to take advantage of the time when the system was first generated. Features such as rules, charts, diagrams, graphs, sorting as well as filtering have formulated the procedure of entering, controlling and displaying data and information within Microsoft Excel. This has been a helpful tool for lots of different purposes. Some latest features, for example, export and import options as well as visual basic have built the whole procedure of using Microsoft Excel easier and customizable.

File Types of Microsoft Excel:

Excel has created some new kinds of method to save new Excel files and workbooks. With the making of latest save files, Microsoft Excel generated the import along with export aspect that permitted Excel clients to import previously formed files or workbooks without difficulty and export files or workbooks that can be used in the future.


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