NetApp: Computer storage and data management

NetApp: Computer storage and data management

What's NetApp

NetApp, which was previously known as Network Appliance is a proprietary data management and computer system storage company that is located in the region of Sunnyvale in California. It has been an associate of the NASDAQ-100 and is the seventh rank as a best place to work in the "Fortune" magazine.

NetApp was established in the year 1992 by Michael Malcolm, James Lau, and David Hitz. During that period of time, its foremost competitor was the Auspex. By the year 1994, the company started receiving venture capital endowment from the Sequoia Capital. The company got listed with the Initial Public Offerings in the year 1995. By the middle of 1990s to 2001, the company flourished the Internet bubble and it made the company gain around $1 billion in its annual revenues. However, as soon as, the bubble busted, the revenues of NetApp declined quickly to $800 million in its annual revenue for year 2002. Since that period of time, the revenue of the company climbed steadily. By year 2009, of 19th August, the working CEO Dan Warmenhoven stepped down and was reinstated by Tom Georgens.

While you opt for NetApp services, you will be cutting down your IT budget to half, you can use around 65% to 80% less storage capacity and you will be deferring the data center extension for the next two years. You can even pick up the pace to analyze the market. You should never be saving or giving up money for IT capabilities. Although when you are being partners with NetApp then it is not impossible at all.

Being with NetApp, you will be provided with affordable and reasonable storage as well as management, protection and preservations of your precious and valuable asset, which is your significant data. It has an amalgamated architecture that offers you a scalable and versatile storage platform in the entire industry. The company will be simplifying business opportunities and processes so that you can opt for the new and exceptional competence with assurance and confidence. This is one of the easiest and most convenient means as you will be relying upon the industry’s leading and prominent solutions which will be lowering the cost of securing your significant data, reputation and business.

NetApp has been a renowned company and recognized worldwide, as it offers its customers with their professional expertise and dedication to make them achieve what they want. The company likes to go beyond approach, disk-to-disk backup, virtualized environments, instantaneous business applications, are just one of the few most prominent reasons their customers opted for them.

While you are working with NetApp, you will realize that it compromises on the cost-capability scenario. This will be providing your business with breakthrough capabilities that will lead to a competitive edge. It will be creating innovative and modern data management and storage solutions that will be delivering exceptional cost efficiency and accelerating business breakthroughs.

Regards Sharath Reddy

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