Microsoft Provides Latest Music tune for Xbox as well as Windows Phones

Microsoft Provides Latest Music tune for Xbox as well as Windows Phones

Microsoft is trying to add music service at the Xbox Live function. From the report made by CNET published that the best technology giant made an attempt to find the ways along with various greater record labels that results an application which may offer the similar service as like Spotify, Pandora, MOG, Rdio etc.

Microsoft flushed this new idea after they have failed on bid to win its customers by Zune Music Pass. Microsoft found that it is safe to provide the Xbox Live instead of reforming the Zune brand. This new application may launch on Xbox 360, new revisions of Windows OS, and smart phones run by Windows. CNET's sources unable to assure the details about how this service will exactly be delivered, what is the amount that the music corporation needs to pay for the fees of subscription. Microsoft only provided a tough design of its service which includes only music streams and downloads.

There is news says that Microsoft will make a team with HTC and Nokia for some phone model which can run the powerful service.

After all, the gigantic Xbox Live of Microsoft fan base is announced nearly forty million worldwide. It’s a chance for Record companies by which they can gain huge money by building higher profile.

The step is surely an opportunity for Microsoft which can make better competition against Google Music and the Android OS. Several major phone companies have already taken pace to enrich their features for music.

The preset Zune Music Pass of Microsoft monthly priced at $9.99 and only allows monthly downloads of 10 music songs although their subscribers can pay the more than $14.99/month which allows the download of songs up to 10. Running the Zune Music Pass via Xbox 360 also needs the Gold Xbox Live subscription.

Microsoft could hope to make a strong competition against the iTunes of Apple and also Google Music, if this service of new music may offer a good affordable amount don’t same like its addition in Xbox Live Gold subscription and also customers don’t need to pay for this service separately. By this way, the live users of Xbox would find this technology news much tasteful than ever.

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