Is It Possible To Move Thunderbird To Outlook?


The Mozilla-based client handles his/her e-correspondence free of charge. One of the biggest flaws is its inability to satisfy corporate needs. Outlook, in comparison, is more advanced: it has improved security, exchange server support, mail scheduling, and many other features that are indispensable for professional clients. Hence, email transfer is a highly sensible thing to do.

The reasons prompting companies to switch are thus obvious. With Thunderbird, there are no Calendar or Tasks, and employees cannot even access email from mobile devices. Here is the best way to convert Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook at with a popular tool devised specially for the task. But can you do without paid software?

Manual Attempts
Most Internet users are too accustomed to getting stuff for free. However, do not expect to accomplish the task without third-party products. At the very least, you will still need a converter, so the files are turned into the PST format mandatory for Outlook.

Shorter Path

If you wish to try dragging and dropping, here is the suggested sequence:

1. Generate a desktop folder and name it.

2. Run Tbird and relocate all the relevant emails to the new folder via drag-and-drop.

3. Run Outlook.

4. Move all the content of the above-mentioned folder into your Outlook folder.

Please note that this method could only work on Outlook 2010, or 2016-2013. It guarantees neither accuracy nor integrity of the moved data, especially if the files are huge.

Longer Path

Alternatively, try the longer IMAP approach.

1. In Settings for your Gmail, pick “Forwarding POP/IMAP”.

2. Turn on the IMAP server and head to Thunderbird Account settings.

3. Hit the Email button under “Create a new account”.

4. Select “Skip this and configure with existing email.”

5. Hit “Continue” in the Mail Account Setup window.

6. In the pop-up window, activate the IMAP server and hit “Done”.

7. Generate a dedicated Gmail folder and export the Thunderbird data there.

8. Configure Outlook to Gmail via IMAP server.

9. Download data from Gmail.

Advantages of Special Utilities

As we have already pointed out, manual attempts put your data at risk. Not only are they lengthy and often tedious, but your data is also unsafe. Consider these benefits delivered by dedicated tools.

● Automated location and conversion
There is no need to scour your machine for files. The program detects them immediately. With Tbird, what makes matters worse is the uneven spread of data across the folder.

● Intuitive interface

Ease of navigation is important. You won’t see any technical jargon, countless checkboxes or mind-boggling complexity. Even beginners are sure to find the process simple.

● Wizard

Rather than consulting a tutorial at every stage, launch the tool and let it guide you. This way, the relocation is swift, effortless and error-free.

● Protection of data

If a third-party representative performs the transition on your computer, you cannot be sure the data does not get leaked. Instead, install a dedicated tool on your machine and accomplish the goal by yourself in no time.


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