Internet: Gateway to the World


Internet: Gateway to the World

As a young girl who grew up in a rural area where technology then was not available, I got curious with so many things. Until the day that I read a magazine from our neighbor and saw an article about the technology today and how it creates a door to a lot of opportunities, the INTERNET.

I got awed by the idea that we can communicate through the internet just by merely using a laptop or phone and not to literally visit our friend just to have a talk. This also means that snail mails will become lessened, which is a relief on my part. Thank goodness! So, I told myself that when I grow up I want to move to the city to avail of this wonderful discovery. As I moved to the big city, I was able to understand more about the internet.

Curiosity got me and decided to make some research about this fascinating technology we have today. Although perplexed by nature and I would never understand it in my level of understanding how it works and how did they invented the internet, but it's worth seeking and got satisfied with what I found. Since the launch of Commercial Internet Providers in the 1990's, the internet had a drastic impact on culture and commerce. Though in history it began when the computers where developed in the 1950's, while in 1980's the Internet PS or TCP has undergone standardization and the idea of a network world-wide that is TCP connected called the Internet was introduced. This is mainly used for research and educational purposes.

The research and education community continues to develop such as instant message, mails through electronic, calling through videos, phone calls and the World Web for forum discussion, social media, shopping sites online, and blogs. As years went by, the internet continues to grow due to greater demands of online information, entertainment, social networking, knowledge, and commerce. Internet has helped a lot of individuals, especially to online sellers who are dependent to the internet for advertising their products; also a gateway to a lot of job opportunities online; communicating with friends and relatives who are miles away and visits are limited. You can even see them face to face through video calls and doing video conference for businessmen without the hassle. Internet is very convenient, less hassle and way over the top! You can browse almost everything you want to know through the internet. You can do a lot of things with ease. You can see the world without leaving your home.

Everyone is participating through forums and sharing ideas, videos and pictures to showcase their native homes so that the world outside will know how beautiful and picturesque their place is. Internet is a gateway to the world indeed, at the comfort of your own home. How convenient is that?!


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