Integrating Wi-Fi and Mobile networks

Integrating WiFi and Mobile networks

Recently mobile provider has been flooded by high demand of mobile broadband whether its from Smartphone traffic of USB dongle subscription and other “hungry” bandwidth application . On the other hand competition landscape are showing shifting trend from voice service into data service. Many people get addicted by broadband service, we are generation that must be connected in 24 hour!.

And with the aggressive campaign to promote 3G, LTE, 4G they can get back fire if their network capacity not big enough to accommodate the demand. For that they looking for some option in reducing the load of the traffic, One of the option is through WiFi to enable 3G offload that user can connect to their broadband service through hotspot area.

Telco expert has predicted that many carrier will face the problem in fulfill the high demand of the mobile data, and the carrier will face many problem from start from infrastructure planning,expanding the network with high cost in short term and facing the spectrum limitation constrain. That why cooperation with many vendor that give alternative solution to offload the traffic and in this case WiFi will faint the flood traffic from high demand of mobile data.

Many vendor has also realized about this situation and they preparing the product that is support in integrate WiFi and mobile networks. The latest product that support this is through lightradio WiFi architecture that is launched by Alcatel Lucent. On this architecture the networks will help the mobile services through balancing the usage of WiFi and mobile services wherever there are WiFi service that is provided. One of the advantage that is promised is that to allow the users authenticating with the WiFi/Hotspot area through the SIM card on their smartphones and move between two networks without interruption or what usually call as drop signal. This will reducing the effect of handover process from one WiFi area to another WiFi area and without interruption is one of the thing that will be interesting.

This light radio Architecture comprised of the 7750 Service router,software of Alcatel-Lucents policy manager, the 5780 Dynamic service controller and metrocell base station that is integrated with WiFi services. Its architecture is like embedded the component in the existing network that the traffic can service not only through mobile services but they can access the end user through WiFi that is authenticated by SIM card. With this new architecture they aim to help the Mobile service provider in reducing the heavy load of the traffic from the smartphone and other hungry bandwidth application. 


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