Improving the Samsung Galaxy Tab


Improving the Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was released by Samsung Electronics to cheers and worldwide acceptance of a quality product by consumers. In a world where Apple’s iPad can do no wrong, the Galaxy tab’s entrance into the market ensured that Apple would not have a monopoly in the tablet market.

The Galaxy tab uses Google’s operating system, Android, which is a technological marvel, and it came with a 7 inch display. It has the Android operating system that is referred to as version 2.2. The good thing about this tablet was the fact that it came with telephone capabilities and even video conferencing functionality using the 3.2 mega pixel in-built camera. The Galaxy tab is a slim tablet that has computer functionality. You could use it to operate Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. So how do you go about improving an item that seems already perfect?

Samsung Electronics are announcing the release of the Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note tab 10.1, aptly called because this version has a 10-inch screen that stands out from its predecessor that had the 5.3 inches. The Galaxy Note Tab 10.1 will debut the new operating system from Google, called Android 4.0. The improvements to this operating system already have technology experts buzzing, waiting for an opportunity to decipher its intricacies.

Another feature that is a welcome addition for the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be the use of the stylus pen that made the 5.3 inch Note very popular amongst Samsung customers. With the Mobile World Congress starting on Monday, most customers, reporters and technology experts will be keeping their eyes glued to the Samsung Electronics executives as they unveil what will possibly be one of the innovations of the year.

It is difficult to improve latest technological products, but tech wizards keep proving that they are up to the challenge, offering up innovation after innovation to keep the technology industry on its feet. The Galaxy tab was a brilliant idea and the integration of phone capabilities to the tablet were also welcome improvements. With the introduction of the Galaxy Note, Samsung Electronics hit a masterstroke to find itself a new niche and leave Apple competing with the Galaxy tablet. By making further improvements on the Galaxy Note and introducing this new 10.1-inch screen reincarnation, this could be Samsung’s best move yet.

As always, the pricing will still be an issue with consumers. But as the Samsung executives unveil the new Galaxy Note 10.1 and listing down its specifications, the world will be ushering in a new era of technological marvel and witnessing a kind of ‘improvement’ on the Galaxy Tab. Let us wait and see.


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