How To Become A Blogger And Influencer At The Same Time

At present, the social media influencers and bloggers are both the voices which are quite respected and given a position of trust. As a result, services, products or brands are often promoted with the help of them to reach a much larger target audience. This results in increasing the personal brand of the person itself. Both bloggers and influencers have their own advantages and benefits, and being both a blogger and an influencer at the same time is something that can completely change the course of their lifestyle.

The process can be tough, but one should begin with one step at a time. For example, one can look for websites to start a blog for free, and can slowly start expressing their values and opinions over certain topics. The process may be slow, but being hasty will only result in disappointment.

Given below are few detailed ways to start off as a successful blogger and influencer.

1. Relationship

The main criteria of being both a successful blogger and an influencer at the same time are to establish a relationship with the target people. This can be done by-

  • Social Media – bloggers and influencers need to be very active on social media. With progress, more and more people will like to get in touch, and one must ensure that they have the chance to do so. To attract people, one can focus on relevant topics. The kind of content and the activities rated will determine how fast people will start following an influencer or a blogger, and one must be wary of that. Also, staying active in social media is very important. Everyone likes when they get interacted and responded to, and one must act accordingly.
  • Content – the next stage to create a good relationship is to post quality content. One can create surveys and see what kind of topics is wanted the most by people. With content relevant to the viewer’s interest, it is more likely that more and more people will start taking interest in the posts. This is good for one’s image as both influencer and blogger.

2. Make Contact

After building a positive relationship with the viewers, one should focus on increasing the contact in a more direct manner. This will be a positive influence on being an influencer and blogger. Contacts can be made via social media and personalized emails.

  • Direct Message – starting with direct messages on social media, one can keep personal yet professional contact with the viewers as well as other influencers and bloggers. This way, the feedback, and the interaction will always go on and one is more likely to get the ideas to make popular content. Also, this will improve the outlook as well and one will grow as an influencer. The messages should always be light and should be focused on making the viewers happy.
  • Personalized Email – apart from direct messages, one should follow them up with a detailed and extensive introduction via emails or 10 Minute Mail. One can make sure to list their personal email addresses such that anyone can get them if they are looking for it. This increases the understanding, trust and relationship. Even in personalized emails, one should keep the tone informal and make sure that the language of the mail is welcomed by the viewers. This way, one will be capable of learning more about the interests of the public and generate offers and can even work in collaboration with other influencers and bloggers.

 3. Offers

After a time of making proper contact, people will start slowly taking an interest, both in influencing skills and blogging. At this time, it is more likely that other bloggers or influencers or both will want to work in collaboration. Therefore, the offers will be made from both sides. Few things to consider while taking or making offers are-

  • Quantity – the collaboration should be done with influencers who have more followers. In case of multiple offers, influencers with higher fan following should be considered or reached out to.
  • Return – in case of approached offers, one can ask many things in return. The standard ones will be to provide a featured blog or a particular topic that has to be spread over multiple media platforms. One should only be going forward with the plan if he/she is comfortable with the return they give, or the return they get.
  • Charge – one should also consider the expenditure to do so. While collaborating with other influencers and bloggers, too much spending is not advised. Optimum spending that can help get their work done is the key to succeed fast. On the other hand, while getting offers, one should go for charging a reasonable price, as to compensate for the effort that has to be ended. Free services should not be provided unless it is an absolute necessity.

4. Proper Communication

While working with others, or while dealing with viewers, one should always properly communicate with the party. The generousness is nice, but the actual communication starts when people can say out loud what they actually want without any dilemma. To do this, an influencer should be able to communicate properly. The sense of stiffness should be avoided by constantly voicing the needs and choices. Slowly and steadily, people will become more and more comfortable and will be able to voice their own needs and choices loud and clear. This is actually a very good sign for an influencer and a blogger, as following the demands of the majority will obviously work in their favor.

Also, when one can reach out more freely to their followers, various stale conditions get solved automatically. The requirements and the demands cannot be always kept, not because they are tough to achieve but because they are forgotten. Having a constant reminder may actually help in setting the target goals. Therefore, an individual is more probable to be successful as an influencer and blogger with extended communication rather than pure fandom.

5. Evaluate Results

Blogging has a pretty big marketing aspect, and so does influencing. Therefore, it is important to check the results and progress once in a while to evaluate whether the efforts are being utilized properly. One should set up various ways to check the progress, in both being a blogger and social media influence.

For tracking the process, the easiest way is to create and manage a page for custom landing. This page will contain the links of the activities of blogging and influencing. After setting up tracking components, one can clearly see the updates of their posts and blogs in a timely manner. Over a certain period, thus it becomes very easy to track the progress by just comparing the interactions, activities and end returns.

6. Following Up

If one can follow up the successful work of the social media influencers and the bloggers ahead of them, it will slowly start resulting in the success in both fields. As a result, the leads will increase with time and so will the followers. The engagements will increase and gradually people will be fascinated in following. Avoiding the rush to get to the top and following the footsteps of the ones ahead is the key.

That’s all it will take to be a blogger and influencer at the same time. The path isn’t easy, but following the steps as mentioned above in the proper time will surely ensure progress, slowly and steadily.


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