How to Get Rid of FaceBook Spamming and Hacking:


How to Get Rid of Facebook Spamming and Hacking

Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are now a part of our life especially for the young generation. Our personal image partially depends on these sites. Among all social networking sites Facebook is the best of all. In your friend list of Facebook, there may be your close friends Co-workers, your teachers and many other respected persons like parents as well.

So whatever we do on Facebook that publishes instantly and automatically shares the messages to all friends. In some of users, there may remain access allowed on wall and taking advantage of it some naughty friends post on your wall related to some pornography as a result you may be resented and annoyed of it.

This sort of spamming has been increasing day by day as a result Facebook users become frustrated and anxious.

This spamming can be pided into 4 types, such as –

  1. Click Jacking.
  2. Like Jacking.
  3. Malicious code.
  4. Malicious Facebook application .

1. Click Jacking:

Click jacking is a kind of clicking on hidden link without one’s desire. Usually HTMC/CSS trick is used here by loading a page over another page or placing photos or videos with other links. As a result clicking goes to other link. For example you get to see a link of YouTube but it might be of another third party link like Then you might be asked to install malicious plug in, by which intruders might be able to steal all your information. Sometimes intruders use some Captcha where comment box remain hidden in it and as you submit, then and there it fits on other wall with your comment. So we must be very careful of this click jacking.

2. Like Jacking:

Like jacking is almost like click jacking in which you will be forced to click like button in order to see videos or photos. So the user’s compelled to click on that and as a result he post as feed on others wall. From some of the websites having Facebook like button can also attack to others in many ways.

3. Malicious Code or Scripting:

This is also a different type of spamming which is executed with the help of Facebook accounts. Intruders usually execute this by offering attractive offer with a link. Whenever a user clicks on the link, the malicious script takes over the controlling power of the users as a result intruder breaks most of the privacy 3 integrity settings.

4. Malicious Facebook application:

Now a day Facebook application becomes so much popular to users of Facebook. Usually most of the users play games in which frivoller, city valley and zingy are so much popular. Intruders makes use of this addiction of peoples to steal and transfer the data of users.


1) Firstly, we have to be aware of not clicking on this sort of click button.

2) Secondly, if you are Firefox browser’s user then install the no script Adds Ons and for browser of Opera and Google Chrome, there can be used no script on option.

3) Thirdly, As Facebook recommends web of trust (wot) for security so as it can be used.

4) Fourthly, you can use private browser option to avoid suspicious links. Need to check Facebook log out before you click a link.

5) If you find any kind of suspicious link or applications just report/make spam.


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