How Are Brains Different From Computers

If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t – Emerson M. Pugh

Human beings have evolved a lot, and we have experimented and created a lot throughout the process of evolution. And while conducting research, we have created a lot of smart things which are now faster than human beings, e.g., computer, smartphones, etc.

But even after being created by a human brain, a computer or artificial intelligence is a lot different from a human.

Is your brain a computer or not?

Even if our mind is computational, at some level, it’s not similar to computers. There is the only one you, and it can live in your brain: your brain can not copy it in a robust, detailed way unlike the computers, the programs in it are editable, and planed. It has a lack of free will. More importantly, they lack uniqueness. We can reproduce it so often that the real thing has no meaning on its own, which is inapplicable for the human brain as its unique, you can never find a person with 100%similar mental abilities to the other.

Don’t you believe it?

Everyone has a different level of wit, which means a person working in a factory has a different level of intelligence than a person working as a scientist. I guess not everyone has the same abilities to apply their brains at the right time and hence everyone has different IQs.IQ level of the great genius scientist Albert Einstein was in the scale of 160-190, and the IQ level of Stephen Hawking was in the range of 160-170. Not only scientists but many people have higher IQ than Einstein, like Garry Kasparov, the master of chess (IQ Level – 194 and many more.

Difference between brain and computer:–

  • The brain behaves freely using reasoning and common sense. It does have feelings, emotions, ability to think and decide for itself and many more abilities, whereas computers work only on logic.
  • The brain uses chemicals to transmit information; the computer uses electricity.
  • The processing speed is not fixed in the encephalon whereas in computers a particular processing speed is set and designed by the human.
  • It is a self-organizing structure whereas the artificial intelligence is made of fixed architecture and is systematized by the humans.
  • A computer is a hardware that runs the software unlike the brain as it does not have any “brain ware” 😉
  • Encephalon is a far more complex system, unlike any other machine.
  • The storage space and the memory of a computer are smarter than a human being as it is built for that purpose.
  • The artificial intelligence can continually evolve with the growth of applied science, and the memory is delectable, while the human brain cannot upgrade, remembrance cannot have deleted. You must be knowing this feeling when it’s hard to remove some memories or feelings or emotions for a person. It’s impossible, unlike the computers. Well, I feel sometimes this feature must be there inside every human. Ahh well ok, that’s something emotional.
  • The brain relies on the energy got from food, computers rely on electricity.
  • Humans are good at reasoning and creating whereas computers are good at computing and logic.
  • Mainly there is an off button in the artificial intelligence while the human brain keeps working even when in a sleepy state, there is no off key for the human cerebrum.

Well there are a lot many differences in between brains and computers, as humans have created the fastest working computers with artificial intelligence just to make the human life simple and more efficient, cerebrum is a complex organ that is hard to understand and that is unique in every human unlike computers, it is a machine which is built with the help of the human brain, to perform definite tasks easily.

As in the case of English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author prof. Stephen Hawking’s, his body got paralyzed, and so he started using a smart computer to speak out and spread his knowledge to the whole world, hence human brain and artificial intelligence have their abilities and disabilities, and they complete each other in today’s world.


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