Google in our Daily Business Life is like a blessing of God.

Google in our Daily Business Life is like a blessing of God.

At office or home wherever we are, we will lag behind if we don’t get or make use of the opportunities of modern Information Technology. We all are very much familiar with the greatest search engine of the world Google, Gmail of Google, Google talk, Google plus and many more.

These are the main communicating social services of Google but there are some other important services by which we are able to solve so many complicated business problems as well as organizational problems. With the help of those popular applications of Google, our daily life has become much easier and even so perfect in business communications. To run a suitable business we can get the facilities of Gmail, Google docs, Google Calendar, profile and many more at completely free of cost.

Let’s get started:

First of all we should have a registered domain or a web address of our own company name to get all the facilities of Google at free of cost but if we want further services we must have to spend some amount of money.


Let’s have a look at the Google’s services at a glance:

  1. Gmail.
  2. Google Docs.
  3. Google Calendar.
  4. You Tube.
  5. Google Plus.
  6. Google Contact.
  7. Mobile Apps.
  8. Google Site.

Gmail :

Usually people use their own domain in case of using Gmail. But there is an easy way of Google to use Gmail inbox. There we many be able to create 10 email addresses for example- [email protected] but Gmail inbox will be used. We can use here the Google docs, Google calendar, chatting with Google Talk messenger etc. We can also mark all the necessary tasks directly on it so that we can get it back as soon as we need it. Besides from the Google apps marketplace we can download various programs and applications at free of cost.

Google Docs:

Generally for official work MS word files are used. Google docs have varieties of options to work with these MS word files especially for the purpose of business or officials. Admin controlling options is also much more securely used for administrative operations which prevent others from accessing into it without permission. Moreover Google docs have options of presentation, spreadsheet, form, drawing and many more.

Google Calendar:

This is also one of the most popular services of Google. It helps us to list up the events as well as meetings schedule for all.

You Tube:

This is the greatest service of Google that helps us to watch videos and can be shared all over the world at a time.

Google Plus:

This is the social networking site of Google in which we need to have a gmail account to join with.

Google Contact:

For the organizational purpose Google Contact is very popular service in order to reserve bulky numbers of contact names with making different groups.

Mobile Apps:

We can have this service of Google from its own operating system Android.

Google site:

With the help of Google site we can be able to create a website of our own at free of cost where we can design the way we want by applying different free template. We can also share and include all short of events, information, update news, ideas, and many more.


Small business entrepreneurs are best suggested to initiate with all these services of Google and can make the best use of these services but multinational companies or group of companies are suggested inappropriate of using these services in order to maintain top securities in terms of financial or business transactions of the organizations. 

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