Epic is just productive, privacy, secure

Epic is just productive, privacy, secure

A not-so-known little known company, called Hidden Reflex, gained a high attention when it released India’s first web browser to the world. It is an idea of Alok Bharadwaj, a Bangalore-based entrepreneur, who is the CEO and the founder of the company, Hidden Reflex. This software made itself an important part of the personal computer and its use is constantly growing.

The user interface and the experience of browsing have not been changed since the initial browsers, like the Mosaic, emerged. Alok thought of increasing the use of the browser in the market. The browser is based on the Mozilla platform, including some unique features, like a built-in virus checker. It also consists of a sidebar which is loaded with some useful applications. After almost three weeks of launching it, there were about four lac downloads, an amazing hit it was.

This browser is based on Mozilla 3.6.7 platform and uses the standard Gecko engine. We can say this browser has the heart of Mozilla with some updates and editions at the backend; the code to tweak certain features. The logo of the browser is a tri-color, which is also similar to the Firefox logo, with having an Indian accent in the design. The core concept of Mozilla has not been changed in the creation of this browser.

This can be taken as a Mozilla browser with add-on s and some tweaks. Mozilla default settings are also optimized and can be updated in the normal Mozilla browser via the config file. The code is optimized for a good net surfing experience and also to achieve a good download speed. Almost all the Firefox add-ons are fully compatible with the epic browser, which is a big plus to it.

Epic brings several new features to your experience. The sports sidebar application gives a multitasking ability to the user, especially when it is the era of widescreen monitors which have more horizontal length then vertical size. When you open the browser, apart from the Indian theme, you will also notice a long list of scrolling icons on the sidebar which are the applications added in the browser. We can expand them by clicking on them. The company has integrated almost 1500+ apps which could be installed by the user.

The applications consist of file browser, word processor, file backup, e-mail, games, chat etc., which all are free of cost. Many of the applications are designed to also work on mobile phones and almost all are optimized to fix with the web page. These sidebar apps are really useful for a regular PC user. This browser also has a application, which is named, “video picture-in-picture player”. Which allows you to view videos on a side panel while surfing the pages or accessing your mail account .By this means, you can devote as much attention as you need on the video rather than sitting and  watching the page unnecessarily. This application also facilities the creation of playlist so that you can decide which video to be played next to the current video. It is quite a useful feature.

Epic is just productive, privacy, secure, and Indian.


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