Don’t Build Your Online Shop Without A Plan To Drive Traffic

For many people looking to earn a little income on the side, a niche online store is their route of choice. It seems like a good option because you can sell items that are relevant to a field or subject that you know well, and you can manage distribution and client services in your lunch hour or after your day job is finished. Building a website too is relatively easy, and hosting, and servers are simple to source and manage now that everything is in the cloud.

So why not go for it? The big issue for most people who walk this road is where do they get traffic from? Because a website with no traffic is a useless vehicle that is costing money and wasting time. You will need to develop a traffic generation strategy and you need to do it from the outset. Here are a few things that you should look at.

Optimize For Search

Search engine optimization is the information provided to search engines which brings the consumer or browser and the website together.  What it aims to achieve is to give the best possible search results providing the browser with the closest possible match to what they are looking for, and you want your company to be top of that list of results.

If you want your site to rank high, then work with an agency that specializes in Shopify SEO and get them to help you optimize. How this is done is through complex algorithms that recognize, rate and rank a website.  It checks websites for quality, relevance, and authenticity and provides better quality and quantity of people and traffic coming to the website.

Be Prepared To Pay For Search

To help drive customers to your site and better yet, to get them to make a purchase, paid search is a must.  This is a modern form of marketing used by search engines.  It allows search engine results pages to have adverts on them so that in searching for something an advert will pop up which the browser may be more likely to click on.

This is also marketed as a pay-per-click model of advertising, which means you don’t pay until people click on your site.  If you are not familiar with how to set this up, then contact an eCommerce SEO agency to help sort you out. So be extra sure that you have positioned your website correctly and are attracting the right kind of customer.

Create Multiple

Connect with your potential customers in the ways they prefer to be connected.  This is different for different people and social groups and doesn’t expect social media to be a one size fits all approach.  Different platforms require different forms and styles of communication.  Social media and newsletters are great ways to keep in regular contact and to provide new information regularly.

With these multiple touchpoints, you’re able to educate your customers about your company and your products and let them know when you have new products, or even if you’re having a seasonal sale.  It’s also a place where there is, two-way interaction.  But make sure this is closely monitored and supported.  You don’t want to have an upset customer causing havoc on your social media profile.


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