CSharp Language : Its History and Uses

CSharp Language: Its History and Uses

The symbol of programming language that will be discussed later was rooted on the note of music which is the see sharp note. The sharp signifies a pitch that is higher in half-step.  Due also to the restrictions of the computer display and because the symbol of sharp cannot be found on the standard computer keyboard that is why the number (#) sign was used to symbolize the character of sharp.


In writing the frameworks of .NET, a system named SMC (Simple Managed C) was utilized to write the class libraries. It occurred first last January of 1999, when Anders Hejlsberg started to form a team to work for a latest language named as COOL (C-like Object Oriented Language).

For trademark reasons, Microsoft did not maintain the name of the language COOL. Thus, the Professional Developers came upon a decision of phasing out the COOL language during their meeting in the year 2000 by replacing it with the C#.

In the field of programming, Microsoft was proud of the said language for they make it as their flagship language. This programming language became the “in demand” skill especially if the programmers are competent about C# language. The simplicity of the language is good for it can be applied to any type of system.

Several of the earlier languages have given them a headache because of the failures that is why they decided to design C#. One of the founders of a programming company, Bill Joy considered the language having the same features with Java. But, Hejlsberg contested that it is not but it is the same with C++.

As they studied the program, they have thought that C++ will be upgraded and will become C++++ that is why instead of the latter they have made it into C#. If we are going to look closely into the symbol there are collection of four ‘+’ making it into C#.


Defining a sequence of procedures which the computer can perform is the key purpose of the language. Since computers are relying only to whatever task they are to execute, there must be a program designed for them to operate because it will just follow what is being defined by the language you have fed the machine.


Learning a programming language for the first time is difficult but it is not if you would try to use C#. It is used to create pages of the web and other forms of application. Some of its essential features are the following:

  • The program does not have a global variables and functions.  Therefore, all processes and members should be declared under one class.
  • Operators and keywords are some of the significant feature of the program.
  • The compiler has reserved identifiers that has a specific purpose and can also be utilized as identifiers by means of putting a character @ as a prefix.
  • The program has operators who will decide what operation to be done in a certain expression and they are represented by symbols.
  • Simple parts like classes, methods and objects are being used to assemble a programming language.
  • The concept of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) can be applied to make good applications.
  • The program can be performed and compiled easily.


1. OOP (Object –Oriented Programming). Creating software can refer the actual world as an “objects” of different “types”.

2. Types. Two sets of types: Value and Reference.  Some of the examples of value are: char, structures, enums, and int; for reference are: arrays, interface, class and delegate.

3. Namespaces. Provide a laddered order of arranging the elements of more than one program.

4. Grammar. This is very much important in developing software. If someone do not know how to follow the rules the program will not run as you wanted it to be.


1. Conversions are used to facilitate in expressing a specific type treated as different type and can be classified explicitly or implicitly.

2. Arrays are arrangement of data. It has more than one variable that can be used by using computed indices. Arrays’ elements belong to an identical type.

3. Memory Management is considered to be the very important keyword of the program and was applied using the garbage collector. The objects that were formed can be scanned and when the object is not already available the memory is also cleared.

4. Indexers can help in indexing an object that is the same with an array. The limitation to index is supplied in between the square brackets.


There are different ways of learning the language. There are free tutorials that can be found on the internet but if you have the eagerness to be trained you can do it yourself by following these steps:

1. Search out a site to download a compiler of the language and can also be acquired in the .NET framework.

2. Go back to the website where you get the compiler and look for the documentation, a term in programming which means instructions. Study how the compiler you have chosen ‘compiles’. Compiling is a process where the language code, written in an understandable word, can be converted to a machine code where your computer can comprehend.

3. Search for a free tutorial. After searching you can use the resources you have chosen in learning variables. If one does have an experience in programming, variables are almost the same with Algebra for it is taking the form of letters, and numbers and combination of many letters.

4. Look for tutorials in the internet about ‘objects and classes’. Objects characterize a complicated way of saving information and functions. Later on, you will get acquainted with objects and classes and performing it will be as easy as studying elementary. The time you know how objects correspond with one another it is time to know the functions of writing a code without the difficulty of the syntax. Syntax is writing a program correctly following the accurate format.

5. Find some additional tutorial sites and ideas. The very best approach in learning how the program works is to explore the program. Be comfortable in using values, altering it and assigning different variables as a value.


1. Be sure that you have followed the given code because if not, you will not be successful. Even if you have understood the concepts of how the program works but if you have not followed the correct syntax, then it is useless.

2. You need to learn how compiling works before delving into tutorials. Because in compiling you will never would not know if you are correct unless you have compiled the code.

Regards Sharath Reddy

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