Bendix Updates ADAS Technology With Eyes On Future

Bendix announced the future generation of advanced driver assistance systems for Wingman Fusion and BlindSpotter side-by-side inspection systems. According to a company based in Elyria, Ohio, these three technologies are designed to create a foundation for software, sensors and systems integration for the ultimate purpose independent of commercial transportation.

“Integration, connectivity and performance run in the future.” Helps ADAs drivers and refugees to get rid of the accident, help us to move forward and help us to reach our targets faster “said Brad Andes, a bedded customer control solution manager.

Andersky said Intelepark and Blindspatter were designed to update the fix. “This will be a technology and a new type of drive, and the future will not only add sensors.” The fusion is also crucial – steering, braking, braking and engine management, all work.

Wingman Fusion’s new features are due to many software upgrades, so current system users can upgrade and unlock new features without purchasing new devices.

A new generation provides complete crushing capability (possibly two-thirds of capacity) on the site, and the locking system used to break the trailer indicates whether the wreckage is likely to return to the fishing boat. Combined with advanced sensor and data analysis, this means the system can reduce the speed by 50 miles in many emergency situations.

With the new multi-channel automatic braking function, if the Fusion locks the vehicle in the Front Range and the truck driver changes to the adjacent range, if another vehicle is detected in the new range, the system will continue to apply the brake. Once the Fusion system has exceeded a specific speed limit, the CAB (Active Cruise with Brake) auto recovery feature reactivates speed control.

Most major US Fusion brands are standard on their road tractors, including the Kenwood Truck Co. T80. , 579 type of Peterbilt Motors. Both truck manufacturers are subsidiaries of Paccar Inc.

BlindSpotter uses a new radar module installed on the side, usually mounted on the passenger side of the vehicle, but can also be used on the side of the driver to alert the driver to the car or objects on the adjacent lane.

When connected to a car-controlled area network, the new BlindSpotter offers 150-degree coverage for detecting 20-foot and 20-foot objects behind the BlindSpotter radar. The coverage area extends 10 feet to the right of the car.

BlindSpotter operates in two modes to reduce false alarms: highway speed and low speed. When connected to the network and road speed control zone, the sensor filters fixed objects such as protective barriers; working speed – which is less than 20 miles working fast in time, such as during driving in the city or in the parking lot – lowering the range of alarms and not Filter target low warning mode firmware or infrastructure.

At the same time, the Intellipark, which is due to be launched in 2019, aims to avoid aircraft and aircraft collisions by automatically adjusting the brakes when the driver leaves the vehicle uninterrupted. In addition to the retractable deceleration, the system uses the information available in the car network to release the parking brake only when the authorized driver has full control of the vehicle.

Features of the Intellipark also include the version of the Auto-Park Trailer, which automatically releases the break from the trailer as the car moves. If the brake is applied while driving, the Park-at-Speed ​​function helps the driver to maintain control. Also, the system offers a more robust interface and driver comfort.


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