Android Gingerbread on certain cellular phones

Android Gingerbread on certain cellular phones

As our world evolves so is the technology. Cellular phone is one of the focus of humans to fully develop so that we can communicate efficiently. There were IPhone 3G to IPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy phones and Nokia phones that compete with each other. Most of these phones are working on the operating system call Android. The first version of Android was launched last May 2009. Since then, the ever evolving process started all over again. A year later they launched Android Gingerbread. This was said to be a better flat form than the previous version, Android Froyo. Android operating system users were advised to change their systems or rather upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread.

It seems that some of the phones with OS in Froyo cannot support the Gingerbread upgrade. One of the instances wherein the phone was operating on Froyo and then came in Gingerbread, to be into the newest trend of technology, the owner agreed on upgrading the phone. Please note that the phone is in perfect condition with the Froyo OS. Upon upgrade the phone wasn’t the same again. of course there was the unmistaken promise of faster response and higher system from Gingerbread but it also somewhat destroyed the phone. The system somewhat crashed the existing platform that the phone was used to have. This greatly means that not all phones are bound to be upgraded to Gingerbread.

Next instance that I can site is the one that happens on my boyfriend's phone. He acquired a Samsung phone that works with the Android Gingerbread. At first, the system was fast really. I got to play Ninja Jump and Fruit Ninja endlessly on his phone. But after a hundred or so pictures and 2 other games installed in the phone, the Operating System slowed down. Probably it can be with the low internal memory but there would be times when the phone would hang up when I'm at the middle of the game.

I also got a feedback from one of my work mates that she doesn't like how Gingerbread is working on her phone. Yes at first it was fast and easy to use but then a certain time comes then the interface would slow down again.

With all these instances cited. We can conclude that there's something wrong with how the Android Gingerbread works on our cellular phones. It also implies that a continuous change doesn’t always provide good effects. Who would've wanted to play on a phone that hangs up because the operating system cannot handle the game?

To our dear Android Operating System users:

Please think about the stuff you're about to lose and about to gain when upgrading your phone and OS. Weigh the stuff and when you've done that decide. An upgrade is good if the phone can handle it. Ask around first before upgrading because you'll never know what you've really upgraded for unless you’ve tried it.


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