About PDA – Basic Info On PDA


About PDA – Basic Info On PDA

The instrument that we know now as a PDA started out as a PalmPilot or a Microsoft Handheld Personal Computer machine. The difference in the two devices is that the Palm uses the Palm Operating System and the Microsoft uses its Windows Mobile operating system. If you buy a Palm PDA, it will probably have the palmOne either Zire or Tungsten manufacturer.

When Palm bought Handspring, Inc. Sony in 2003, it made the company known as palmOne. Palm PDAs are very popular because they have a over 20,000 apps that can be added to the system along with email, charting, pda data collection software and game software. 

Other features of Palm PDAs are Graffiti handwriting analysis apps, joining of Windows or Macintosh computers that use the Palm Desktop, small screens and a virtual display of Graffiti screen. 

The other PDA is the Microsoft Pocket Personal Computer or Pocket PC that uses Windows Mobile operating system. Standard features of the Pocket PC are Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. On a Windows PC, joining of Microsoft Outlook lets the user get his email even from a Macintosh computer. 

One thing to remember is that your friends and your PDA could also be a smart phone or have such multi media functions as digital camera, MP3 player and, of course, a video player for YouTube.


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