5 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

Programming is very popular among students. Specialists in development and coding are wanted everywhere around the world. According to EDC number software, developers will grow to 27.7 million by 2023. That is why, considering the demand for specialists in this field at least in the foreseeable future, students go for careers in it.

Hard work is awaiting those who decided to make a career as a developer. The code can change, languages can change, and thus the challenges. And programming students, like any other students, also have to deal with assignments in other disciplines, such as ‘natural’ languages. Researching, googling, reading free examples of essays on language for inspiration, etc.

Though, there are always some sources that make your life easier. Studying is no exception. You just have to find those that suit your needs. One free resource that you can have a look at and see what I mean would be https://studymoose.com/language. Once you find one, then all the tasks are not as scary as at first glance. Essays on language like this one can help you in your search for making better career choices.

This brings us to the fact that we all want to find that perfect profession that we can stick with and be satisfied with at the end of the day. Well, the most popular one these days that can offer you many perks is programming. You can even find programming jobs that offer you the comfort of working from home. Also, learning how to write code can be very rewarding financially wise.

Most Popular Programming Languages

First of all, let’s browse which coding languages are used most in the industry and why so. And trust me, there are a lot out there and many of them are amazing for different types of jobs. One programming language is better for creating games, another is better for designing websites, and so on.

To put it on paper, you can consider the following programming languages that most programmers use:

  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • C++


The Python programming language is best used when it comes to more than just web development. This includes software development, back end development, data science, and writing system scripts.


You generally want to use Java for very large scale systems. Learning this programming language can get you working on big corporate projects and get you some serious cash flow.


This coding language is highly used in education environments and can be useful in almost anything. Although, it is at its best for creating windows based desktop apps and games. This language is known for having one of the best memory back-up systems which prevent memory leakage and make it generally very stable.


If you are up for creating some amazing web applications and mobile applications then JavaScript is the way to go. Nothing beats this programming language when it comes to performance.


Using C++ is optimal when it comes to apps that affect hardware more seriously. The effects of the language are very fast and powerful which is why it is among the most popular and required ones out there.

These are a few examples of some of the most used programming languages out there and you should know that the demand for people with that kind of knowledge is at an all high.

Most Used Programming Languages

To put it simply, all of these languages that I mentioned are used quite a lot actually. But, not all of them are used for the same purpose. For example, Java is a language that is also highly used when it comes to creating top-notch games and it is among the first on the list for best programming languages used for games.

On the other hand, a programming language like Python comes in real handy when something like hacking is involved. It’s the most used language in this area and a few more for that matter. So, all in all, all of these programming languages are extremely popular and are “most used” in certain areas.

Learning a programming language is a very valuable skill. The industry is growing a lot and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. So, do your research and make a choice of which is going to be the perfect coding language for you.

Hopefully, you will use all of the knowledge and insight gathered here for making the process of choosing which one to stick with. As I mentioned, all of them are fantastic when it comes to what they are best used for. Decide which skill you want to learn, and choose the appropriate one based on that.


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