5 best free print server managers


Here we discuss on some of the best print managers

CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System)

It permits a workstation to act as a print server. The workstation job acts like a host that can recognize related jobs from patron computers, course them, and drive them to selected printer (to a selected printer/ to the selected printer/s). The data for printing goes to a scheduler who runs jobs by a filtering system and converts (is converted) into a format suitable for the printer.

Previously it was hard to discover a printer management scheme that can put up the very broad range of printers using their personal printer formats as well as languages. The CUPS are (is) able to identify the format that is needed to send to the printer easily. It can also convert the data stream by design and correctly. In addition, data translation is performed on (the) same workstation or server. CUPS lets printer manufacturers & developers for creating drivers easily that work locally on the server.



Print Logger Pro

It is a free print manager for the secretarial use of the printer. It works on a Windows NT platform. It symbolizes resident Windows NT tune with the distant management program. An application involves to the affair log of distant or native print server as well as picks the messages related to print. The chosen messages inscribes as logged files, separating by days, months, as well as years. From (the) rooted HTTPserver, graphical reports can be viewed also.

CZ Print Job Report 4.0

CZ Print Job Report 4.0 is a part for making reports particularly for investigation of cost and billing. The reporting tool is intended to afford with multiple alternative to supervise reports. Now, one can view as well as produce 100 reports which are well-matched through CZ print management software. Email support is also provided and automated by means of additional software, CZ Print Job Tracker. For advanced reporting, the application is capable to supply reports as PDF, Excel, Word, and Rich Text format. Additionally the report can be created in any language.

HSLAB Print Logger

The Print Logger managing software is projected for commercial sector related supervision of printers at (a/the) server. It is designed for windows platform. The Print Logger checks out the print work on an individual computer, where installed. (The) major task of the program is to collect the information about (the) file size of home print posts and make records for following investigation. The application inspects the size of print jobs derived from distinct quotas and also excludes printing. In case of quotas such as cost limit, goes beyond. Thus a quota intended for printing is very efficient for expense management which goes on printing.

Print Manager Plus

The utility is a shareware. Print Manager Plus permits one to quota and limit printing in addition to printer practice by money amount, pages per work, file type and size for a complete management answer. It is designed for windows platform. It installs quickly on any server or network, as well as it arranges track printing from any operating system. It is one of the most widely used software for print management. Print Manager Plus does not require any supplementary hardware between printers and servers.  It is also a rapid and simple to set up as well as preserve.

Regards Sharath Reddy

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