10 Facts About Holograms And Its Uses

What is Hologram? What are holography and its uses? All answers lie in this article. A flat surface with proper light or illumination which to the human eye appears to contain a 3-dimensional image is known as the Hologram. A 3-dimensional image can also be formed in the air with proper light but it cannot be touched the process of making holograms is called holography.

1. History

The history of Hologram rolls back in those wonderful independence days for India in 1947. Hungarian based scientist Dennis Gabor was doing his study in Imperial College of London. He was working to advance the design of electron microscope. He decided to do it with a filtered beam of light but was not functional as the light was not coherent(with a single wave and frequency). In 1962 in the University of Michigan a duo of scientists recreated the experiment of Gabor and was successful and for the first time holograms were produced and were of a toy train and a bird.

2. Varying Raw Materials

Depending on its applications (hologram) the raw materials also vary.  Holograms by the individual a    usually exposed on a high-resolution photographic film coated with a silver halide emulsion. Holograms for mass production are mainly concentrated on a glass plate penetrated with iron oxide as the first step and then coated with photoresist.

3. Design

A hologram can be created using a 3-dimension physical object. The size of the holographic image is usually the same as that of the original object, although a detailed scale model of the actual subject in a size suitable for the holographic image is designed at first. There is another way to create the hologram in which the object’s image is scanned and analyzed by hi-tech computers that control laser exposure of the image file and project one pixel at a time.

4. Type

A hologram can be a single image may be rotating or stationary and it can be a pre-recorded message for somebody that means you can watch a video in the air that is brilliant.

5. Manufacturing Process

The process is pretty simple. As it has been discovered very early in 1940’s it has advanced marginally in the last few decades. One can easily hook up to YouTube for, ” how to make holograms at home”.

6. Mastering

Laser named 1A is used to illuminate object physically by the reflected light falling on the photoresist plate. Side by side a direct collision of a reference beam with the photographic plates also takes place. If at the time of producing a hologram even the slightest movement in the object would lead to a blurred or blank image formation. One has to be really precise while dealing with hologram production.

7. Films

There have not been many films (Hollywood) that have special featured the technique of production of hologram typically the peso who dies leaves behind a message for their loved ones so that they could visualize the reality.

8. Future Plans

The future plans consider creating the holographic projecting televisions within the next decade that would help to project the image of the actor in the television in their home it would be a moment of joy for the kids it would feel as if the actor is standing and performing stunts in their own home.

9. Current and previous Uses

Holograms have not been too much in the hands of normal people s no one cares to buy anything unless he has a spirit to learn or experience something important in life. Used mostly by the advertising companies where a model could be seen speaking about the product that they are trying to sell following the hologram of the product itself. Although there is an informal use the pilots use this technique to read the instruction by projecting it against the glass of windshield of the plane.

10. Market Value and Advancement

The market value has been rising considerably over the past few years. There have been plans of using and creating holograms that are touch responsive or the user interaction is enabled. For example, a keyboard’s or a screen’s hologram will let you type and interact with the screen you could move the hologram in the air doing certain hand gestures.


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