Features and Performance of Microsoft Security Essentials


Microsoft Security Essentials

In the world of computers, information technology and internet, there are many threats that face a person’s computer. The threats are of a very wide range and different ways are employed to counter them. The most current threats in the internet are viruses and spyware. These two are programs that negatively impact on the performance of one’s computer.

One can be attacked by these threats when they least expect it. The most common way most  computers get infected with viruses, is when files and documents are downloaded from internet sites that contain infected files. Many software organizations have developed software products that are aimed at containing these two threats. One such company is Microsoft that has developed Microsoft Security Essentials.

Microsoft Security Essentials was released to replace OneCare. This security program is a freeware and provides key features that should be available on any respectable security application.


  1. User interface

The application, like many other applications from Microsoft, has a very attractive and presentable look. It is also easy to use and has a well-arranged graphical user interface. Microsoft security essentials is greatly beneficial due to the fact that it has a very simple and streamlined interface. The main application interface has only four tabs; each tab having a very clear label and function. The tabs are (1) Home. From this tab, one is able to run a quick scan, a custom scan, or a full scan, and there is a tab at the bottom that one can use to change the settings of the scheduled scan; (2) Update tab. This tab provides a panel that is meant to manage the updates that are to be done for the virus definitions; (3) History tab. The history button shows when the application was last updated, the operations allowed to run and also the viruses that were identified and cured or quarantined; (4) Settings tab. This tab gives the user the ability to change and customize the application in order to schedule scans, decide the actions to be taken when infections are identified, and the adjusting of the real protection settings.

          2. Defense against threats

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) can defend computers against virus and spyware in two ways. This is through definitions and the other is through real time protection. In definition defense, the program uses files with antivirus definition that has been downloaded and installed as updates of the application. While in real time defense, Microsoft Security Essential uses the definition of viruses and spyware from the Microsoft SpyNet in order to identify and neutralize threats. The real time protection can only be available when one is online.


The program takes less than one minute to finish the quick scan. This is faster than many applications. However, it takes longer than other applications when performing the full scan. The program also speeds up the boot time of the computer and also its shut down time. Microsoft Security Essentials is very light when it comes to resources such as the RAM. One can continue with normal activities without the computer hanging while they are scanning for viruses.


If you are looking for a very light application for security, well then Microsoft Security Essentials will do the trick. The best part about this wonderful product is that it is absolutely free.


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