5 Best Photo organizers explained


5 Best Photo Organizers

1) Picasa

Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, and given facility to photo sharing on website.


Creating Web Album: using this create slideshow plus see photo on map and video playback also

Increase Perfection: many time problems like red eye, lighting, color problem but using function like tuning and effect we can increase perfection.

We can reduce its file size and setup its lay out so email photo or printing and it’s also integration with online printing facility also.

Using its search bar menu we can search by tag, filename, folder name, and one more facility like using color operation search.

One more facility its provide Hello using this send Photograph directly on blog.

Other is its show duplicate files so we can delete it so reduce disk space reduce collision.

Picasa gives facility like zooming, loss less rotate, search for faces, batch edit, video rendering, geo tagging so its gives best as free of cost.

2) Flickr

Flickr provide two types of account one is free and paid. Using free account provide 100Mb photo and 2 video per month. Paid user upload unlimited photo etc.

Its gives public and private image storage so It protect photo by given its facility make it private so only whom you trust they can see .and if someone who don’t have account and you want to share your photo with it then provide facility Guest Pass.

We can easily open Flickr account to twitter, blogs, Facebook etc.

Its gives current event photo like NASA, Whitehouse etc, facility to make our own galleries, Flickr group and blogs also

Open Ape garden provide facility like flick river, bulker, docent, Dopazia’s set manager, noticing etc.

Flickr has an open Application Programming Interface (API for short). This means that anyone can write their own program to present public Flickr data (like photos, tags, profiles or groups) in new and different ways

Its provide photo using tags and set also which have same heading. It allows users to modify tags, descriptions, and set groupings, to place photos on a world map.

So due to these features like pool date, exif decorator, comments, auto page, mail manager etc so best.

3) Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a photo sharing and management as a part of Microsoft’s Windows Live

Its organize photo by date, tag, caption and other information.

Its Edit tool provide facility like add creative color, color setting, alignment setting, auto Adjust tool etc.

Using Quick Adjustment feature edit batch of photo, fine tuning gives better result as per our requirement.

Its provide facility like photo stitching using this combining multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce a segmented panorama or high-resolution image.

So feature like photo stitching, searching, fine tuning its best photo organizer for window user.

4) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

It’s a photo organizer software developed by Adobe Systems for professional photographer who manage  multiple photo and doing post production work.

Watermarking tool provides text or graphic watermarks to a photo with position, adjustable size and position.

For workflow and library module view like compare view, grid view, survey view function.

Its provide facility like faster thumbnail scrolling, publish collection, back up on exit, Animation in library Histogram etc.

Using lens correction facility gives two option manually correction and automatically correction to improve result of image

Using noise reduction and capture sharpening facility provide good image quality.

Its provide slideshow module, print module, web module so it’s best for professional photographer or who want better accuracy.

5) iPhoto

iPhoto allow importing photo from digital cameras, picture CDs, scanner and the Internet. All digital cameras are recognized without additional software and it supports most common image file formats.

Its provide facility in slideshow use themes, edit photo like black and white, sepias ogle photo and due

To animated theme its own sound track plays audio and video at a same time.

Again another facility like make a book for this use a theme or auto flow instantly to place image, photo of same date appear together, changing background color, lay out, font create beautiful book.

Its provide facility to emailing photo using make a selecting a theme, adjust photo which we select for send, make it template and its have use many email services like yahoo, window live, Gmail etc so send it directly from iPhoto.

Using letterpress facility provide different theme with envelope cover provide more beautiful result.

So in this iPhoto facility like Facebook enhancement, letter press, emailing photo from itself, good slideshow facility make it best from other.


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