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7 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Effective social media marketing is key to small business success. A small business is a privately owned company in the legal form of a...

How To Seamlessly Direct Traffic To Your Brand’s Website Through Your Social Media Content

While setting up your brand’s website is an important step in expanding your reach, you have to do even more to spread the word....

What Are The New Social Media Plugins For WordPress?

One of the most influential and coolest open source website creation tools in today’s world is WordPress. Its backend is PHP. Many famous companies...

Future Of Social Media Privacy

Social media allows people to connect each other by sharing a piece of information like file sharing, video, audio, and ideas. Therefore, social media...

Social Media Or Phones Or Texting. Are They Making The World Smaller Or Bigger?

We are living in a world completely operated by technology. Comparing to the time when we were not even able to talk to our...

Top 10 Multi-Tasking Applications With Social Media Tools

To make a brand successful; we market the brand through social media as all the information is available on the internet. Why look somewhere...

Top 10 Social Media Strategies for IT start-ups

We get inspired when we hear success stories of big IT companies but concerning the start-up sphere, the track is quite different. Successful start-ups around the world are always on the cutting-edge with the latest dynamics and every IT start-up ought to make an efficient social media presence to cope up with the technological revolution.

It not only leverages your business but also creates sound relationships with clients and target audience as well. For a promising start -up, a super stellar social media strategy is the chief key to attaining the prescribed goal. Dig in like other IT start-ups, get into the game, but stand out from the crowd!


The Social Media Platform Tagged As Best Promoter Of Digital Intimacy

Which of the social media platform best promotes digital intimacy? What are some of the special features that promote such act? What also makes this particular platform so special from other social media platforms? What can be done from the technical point of view to best improve this special platform? Not forgetting to highlight the negatives relating to this same medium. Thank you.

The Addiction To Social Media Platforms Verses Young Indian’s Sexual Lives

Would share the same sentiments with people who are of the view that the addiction to social by many young men are causing a lot of harm to most especially young Indian’s sexual lives. I am saying this because of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and the likes prefers to use emojis on these platforms instead of acting real physically which I believe could be a contributing factor. However, you might share of a different opinion which I believe I would love to know more about.

How to delete social media accounts and retrieve data

I have been facing major privacy issues with my facebook account lately. Can anyone indicate to me the way to delete my facebook account completely? Also I would like to have a copy of all of the data published throughout the years on my wall. Is that possible? Can the same procedure be applied for other social media sites?