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Question Error RunDll Missing entry: Hi everyone, This is something new for me. My computer is running on Windows XP, still haven’t install SP2. For cleaning cookies and other 19029 Marcie 2 2011-12-14 13:27 2,403 Misc Software
Question Adobe Acrobat File check in failed Invalid Hi everyone, Until recently I haven’t used Adobe Acrobat. This is a question from a newbie,and every suggestion is more than welcome. In 19047 Lonnie 2 2011-12-23 16:26 1,692 Misc Software
Question Error: "SDC00400" on ELMS software I was downloading the ELMS software when I got the error: "SDC00400". Does anyone have any idea on how I can successfully download the 19063 Girlie York 3 2014-07-24 14:57 656 Misc Software
Question Setup issue of Windows Live Messenger 2011 Hello everyone, why I can't set up the Windows Live Messenger 2011 and Windows 7 (64 bit)? However, when installing this programs it look runs 19080 Linda Troy 1 2011-12-11 21:01 536 Misc Software
Question Chat room issue in Yahoo messenger I have a yahoo messenger and used it not too long. Furthermore, I know how to handle it. Even going to the files and select to enter the Yahoo Chat 19082 Albert Allen 2 2015-04-23 13:59 4,462 Misc Software
Question My computer hangs when i download files Hi Experts! I am trying to download a file from internet. It takes too much time and while downloading the file my computer is hanging as well 19087 Jerith jeff 3 2011-12-12 15:31 730 Misc Software
Question VODs copying issue in Camtasia Hi guys, I have a Camtasia and want to copy some VODs, however, I am facing with some troubles. 1. Sounds not working - the voice is working fine 19089 Dave Knolla 1 2011-12-12 12:02 483 Misc Software
Question Record view issue in Camtasia I attempt to make some plays and it works fine but when I open the Camtasia and begin to get some record, I couldn't view it. I could view only 19091 Karen Miller 1 2011-12-12 11:52 569 Misc Software
Question How to make Video using Game Hi, considering that you want me to use this set up, I guess you fix the situations already. But I want to post this message at the forum rather 19097 Hillary Roy 2 2012-10-18 14:22 700 Misc Software
Question Downloading Issue in Serif Web Plus X4 I have a Windows 7 laptop with 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Disk Drive and i7 Processor. I also have an Acer Aspire T761 desktop PC with Windows XP SP3 19106 Kellen Wright 2 2011-12-12 18:08 924 Misc Software
Question Unable to Send Attachment with PDF File I could not send an attachment with PDF file. I have an Acrobat 9 installed on my Windows XP computer; everything goes well from opening a PDF file 19113 Keiku 3 2012-04-02 12:01 471 Misc Software
Question Why can't I download Limewire? I have been trying to download Limewire for the past few days but I continuously experience a problem. I always get the message “unknown 19130 Sharon Portman 2 2011-12-13 09:57 585 Misc Software
Question Help! I can't re-install InstallShield I once had this program on my computer but I needed to uninstall it after I encountered a problem launching the program. When I try to re-install 19137 Polly Hanes 2 2011-12-14 12:50 753 Misc Software
Question I need help installing Belkin UPS I have a problem installing the Belkin UPS Software. During the installation, I encountered an error notification which says Error: Repeatedly 19141 Brittany Sandler 2 2011-12-14 10:18 700 Misc Software
Question Software for Converting Excel to PDF Files Can you please suggest on what software can I use to convert MS Excel files to PDF files? I tried to use one program but I’m not contented 19145 Lorie 2 2012-10-20 20:48 476 Misc Software
Question Setup Error while installing Nitro PDF Reader I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on my Toshiba A200 laptop. I am trying to install Nitro PDF Reader but I am receiving a setup error 19186 Gregory890 2 2011-12-17 08:14 985 Misc Software
Question Fatal Error on starting AutoCAD When attempting to start AutoCAD, an error message says ‘Fatal error : Exception at 7c81eb33h. AutoCAD is aborting because the software is 19203 Limadeson 1 2011-12-14 22:16 1,025 Misc Software
Question Illegal Value on ZLASCL Parameter 4 I am having an issue running a specific program using a multiple thread mode using TBB. It is so weird and it got me worried because I tried using 19246 Alvaldez 1 2012-01-01 18:36 645 Misc Software
Question Could not make Gamer HUD work with nVidia I couldn’t make Gamer HUD work with a newly bought Gigabyte nVidia GeForce 9800GT and I was getting this error message (see screenshot below 19251 Allong 2 2011-12-17 07:26 1,944 Misc Software
Question Received an error while installing a software I was installing a software in my Win XP PC when I got this error message (see below).  It seemed that the software used Visual C Microsoft 19267 Vholt 3 2011-12-19 13:09 561 Misc Software
Question Running out of CPU Power error while using Hi, I was a newbie Pro Tools 9 user on a Mac. Actually, it was my first time to tinker on an audio software.  Anyway, I got this error 19268 Dread78 2 2011-12-19 13:20 1,796 Misc Software
Question Got an error while recording using Pro Tools I bumped into this error message while recording a composition using Pro Tools 9 on my Mac.  The operating system held off interrupts for 19269 Samri 1 2011-12-15 05:41 805 Misc Software
Question HP Photosmart M22 Digital Camera experienced I was happy using my HP Photosmart M22 Digital Camera until yesterday when this message appeared on the LCD (see below).  I tried turning it 19272 Eddomi 2 2011-12-19 13:35 846 Misc Software
Question Got an error while installing LabVIEW 8.6 I was installing LabVIEW 8.6 to a new PC with Win 7 but it failed sending a build error message (see screenshot below).  I tried it for 19275 Ib2020 1 2011-12-15 15:48 1,155 Misc Software
Question Location not available error while copying I was copying a file from a Server to a PC when I got this error message below.  Both network connection and the server were active and 19279 Bercen 2 2011-12-15 15:39 636 Misc Software