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Question Are you able to repair a Mac I would like to try and fix a Mac Desk top computer. I am having trouble just getting it open. I used to fix my own PC. Is it even possible to fix 39750 Chris J Curry 2 2012-08-11 00:52 566 Apple Desktop
Question Has anyone heard about the Nexus D Hello, I know there is a Nexus 7 that is already out but I am hearing about a nexus D. I am not even sure if its a tablet or not. It may be a PDA 39751 Clarence L McNeil 2 2012-08-10 02:23 449 Handhelds / PDAs
Question What is the Best Energy Efficient Monitor Hello , I need to get a monitor that is energy efficient but no bad on the eye. Does anyone know of a good energy efficient monitor that has really 39752 Christina J Smith 2 2015-01-10 19:15 501 LCD & Plasma
Question Is there really a 3d printer using stone and I have been hearing about a printer that uses sand , soil and stone to create objects. I am finding this very hard to believe but I suppose it' 39753 Yvonne S Gresham 1 2012-08-10 02:03 415 Printers
Question What is Voice over LTE service Sprint is suppose to be the first carrier who has Voice over LTE service. I'm not sure what the big deal is hear. Doesn't it already carry 39756 Charles V Bogan 1 2012-08-10 05:44 449 Anonymous questions
Question How is office 13 embracing web development The new Microsoft 13 is suppose to be a big leap with it embracing web development. How exactly is it embracing web development. Can create web 39757 Maxine A Fenster 2 2012-08-11 03:08 410 MS Word
Question Is there already a Surface 2 tablet? I hope this is a joke but I am beginning to hear that there is already a Surface table 2 about to be brought to the market. I find it hard to 39758 Raquel C Mitchell 2 2012-08-11 01:04 447 Handhelds / PDAs
Question Will IPhone 5 have NFC capabilities This may be bit of a technical question but I was wonder if iPhone 5 will have NFC. This is a short range wireless technology that allows secured 39759 Silvia P Hopper 1 2012-08-10 04:07 455 iPhone
Question How much does surface cost I was interested in getting a tablet and since I already know windows I was thinking of the tablet. Has anyone heard the price of the Surface 39760 Ruth E Tran 1 2012-08-10 01:45 425 Handhelds / PDAs
Question How can you install a extra hard drive I would like to upgrade my computer. I want to keep the hard drive I have and add a 2nd one on to it. Does anyone know what would be involved in 39761 John M Elliott 1 2012-08-09 12:49 406 Peripherals
Question What will "Do Not track" do in When the new WIndows 8 comes out it will have a feature called Do Not Track , Is this a good thing. Does it make computer safer. ? 39762 Danny I Sanders 2 2012-12-21 00:56 367 Windows 2008
Question Is there a portable 3D printer I have heard  a lot about these 3D printers. I was wondering is there a portable printer that you could take with you ? 39763 Mary G Greaney 1 2012-08-09 13:41 502 Printers
Question What exactly is Google reader Google keeps coming out with things and I find it hard to just keep up with them. What is the google reader. 39764 Nicholas B Davis 2 2012-12-04 17:03 428 Anonymous questions
Question Can Battsaver really double your battery life I suppose this is wishful thanking but I'm hoping it is real. There is a product called Battsaver and it is suppose to double your battery life 39765 Carey P Schmidt 2 2013-06-02 07:21 472 Peripherals
Question What are the best free iPhone apps I would like to find some free apps for the IPhone. I would actually like to find a listing of the best free apps for the IPhone somewhere . 39767 Bridgette M Roth 3 2015-12-02 09:19 432 iPhone
Question Can the New iPhone 5 finally share using When the New IPhone 5 comes out it's suppose to have some features on it that will allow your IPhone to share information . Is this feature 39770 William J. Romaine 2 2012-10-20 15:14 382 iPhone
Question What is googletwo factor authentication I know with the break down of security at ICloud everyone is trying to beef up their security .  What is this Google two factor 39771 Christopher B. Pyles 2 2012-08-09 23:09 422 Anonymous questions
Question Can you really rent school books off amazon Can you rent your school books from amazon and are they talking about people who have their E reader will be able to do this or will they rent hard 39772 Johnnie M Ehrhardt 1 2012-08-10 23:47 455 Anonymous questions
Question What is Googles knowledge graph I have heard that Google has a new search feature that makes the search more user specific. It's called Knowledge Graph. Does anyone know 39773 Tiffany A Toombs 2 2012-08-09 10:51 475 Anonymous questions
Question Can Nuances Nina work on all smart phones There is a new voice activated program called Nina by Nuances. I was wondering can it work on all Smart phones , like the IPhone, windows 8 and 39774 Steven M Doud 2 2015-11-24 12:58 408 Handhelds / PDAs
Question What will the processor speed be on the I keep hearing about all the features the new iPhone is going to have but will the processor speed be on the new iPhone 5? 39775 Arthur W Adams 2 2012-08-12 14:03 579 iPhone
Question What is cell locking on the Google's I really don't understand the feature of cell locking. Isn't that the same as protect date. IF so didn't it already have it.  39776 Richard L Brown 1 2012-08-10 02:34 381 Anonymous questions
Question What is Google voice search Is this another voice activated program. Does it work with smart phones or is this a feature of the desktop. 39777 Margaret R Huling 2 2013-01-16 23:06 471 Anonymous questions
Question Has anyone heard about acers tablet I've been hearing a lot about Nexus 7 and of course Microsoft's tablet coming out. What about Acer I understand they are also making a 39778 Julie M Moore 3 2012-08-19 10:12 508 Hardware
Question Does windows 8 have a wallet feature Microsoft windows 8 that is coming out is going to have quite a few features. Will it have a wallet feature or will I need to invest in a security 39779 Chris J Curry 2 2013-06-12 18:45 471 Windows 2008