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Question Database freezes after a msSQL tcp restore I decided to do a mssql tcp restore, first of all I backed-up my data, the problem came when I tried to restore the database, it froze in the 49892 Adam Johnson 2 2012-12-27 23:05 519 Server Software
Question In need of a free national tv software for Is there a free national tv software download for simple java enabled nokia phones? If yes, from which site can I download the software? 52216 Adam Johnson 1 2012-11-22 15:17 501 Mobile Software
Question How to work with cockpit client on windows 7? Hi, i would like someone to tell me how to use cockpit client on windows 7, i have used it earlier, but never on windows 7, so i would appreciate 52488 Adam Johnson 1 2012-11-22 10:29 833 Development Software
Question How to listen mp3 from Galaxy ace using I have a galaxy ace which functions well but i need to listen mp3 even when it is not near me. Can you please advise  54352 Adam Johnson 2 2013-01-25 20:15 523 Handhelds / PDAs
Question In need of Table Calendar 2011 Template I want few Calendar templates in Excel, preferably table calendar 2011 template. I was having it in my system but got removed while re-installing 57075 Adam Johnson 2 2013-01-25 20:23 570 MS Excel
Question Looking for an inexpensive Linux based delay Hi, Can anyone provide information on how to simulate slow and congested links between nodes on the network using an inexpensive Linux Delay 62421 Adam Johnson 1 2013-04-04 23:14 614 Linux Networking
Question I need Java microphone waveform script Hi, Can someone lend me a Java microphone waveform code or script? I'm trying to capture audio waveform from a microphone in a MIDI data 65654 Adam Johnson 1 2013-04-25 13:34 2,238 Java
Question Online video resolution converter to reduce Hello Friends, I need to reduce the file size of video files in different formats by reducing its resolution. I don’t have any software 67424 Adam Johnson 2 2013-08-01 21:07 651 Web Services and WCF
Question How to export las files to excel Hello Friends, I would like to know about how to export las files to excel, please advice on whether there is any plugin in MS Excel that will 69450 Adam Johnson 2 2013-05-19 06:36 3,370 MS Excel
Question How to do batch code hider Dear Friends, I need to know how to do batch code hider, that will run the batch file without showing the command window. Is it possible to do 72197 Adam Johnson 1 2013-07-31 23:34 674 Batch scripting
Question Software adobe flash player builder and game Hello Techyv Friends, I need to know more about software adobe flash player builder and game development. Will it support ActionScript language 72321 Adam Johnson 1 2013-10-21 15:58 432 Photos / Graphics Soft.
Question Convert PDF to word Hebrew character I need to convert PDF to word Hebrew character, I use Adobe Professional for this process, but my current system doesn't have Adobe 72692 Adam Johnson 1 2013-08-28 21:05 547 Suggestions
Question Professional or Family Flow Chart Creator Hello Techyv Friends, I need to know whether there is any professional or family flow chart creator online, that will help to create different 72997 Adam Johnson 1 2013-09-10 17:14 358 Web Components
Question ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 9 Hi Techyv, Will Windows Vista supports ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 9, What are its special features compared to other similar Internet 73829 Adam Johnson 2 2013-10-24 02:35 385 Misc Security
Question Dell GX 260 Graphic Controller Hello Techyv Experts, I am using Dell OptiPlex GX260 in my office, recently my Dell GX 260 Graphic Controller is not functioning I am getting a 73885 Adam Johnson 2 2013-10-27 11:00 397 General
Question Software to broadcast live video Can you refer to me any other public service other than Twitch to broadcast live videos of my game? Is thee any other such service available 75093 Adam Johnson 2 2013-11-28 22:09 467 Misc Software
Question increase access time of file using PowerShell How can I retreive and increase the access time of a file by a few number of hours using PowerShell? How can I put this in a script/batch file? 75503 Adam Johnson 1 2014-05-10 22:49 347 Powershell
Question Cannot install Win 8.1 on my PC due to AVG I tried installing Windows 8.1 on my PC, but to my dismay, it stopped in between and asked me to pause to uninstall AVG. I can't understand why 75839 Adam Johnson 1 2013-12-25 02:43 427 Windows 2008
Question Can not edit pdf files in mobile I have some pdf documents in my mobile I want to edit them in mobile.I have Adobe reader in my mobile.I tried to edit them in mobile but I can not 80645 Adam Johnson 1 2015-01-02 16:59 387 Mobile Software
Question Help for making voice recognition software I need to design a voice recognition software for my organization. I need to know few basic steps to make a voice recognition software.Does it 80724 Adam Johnson 1 2015-03-27 13:00 343 Voice Recognition
Question What do I need to stream Wii U and not to Hi! I am a new person that has started trying to stream! I have a Wii U and would like to not only capture what is on the TV screen but also what 81899 Adam Johnson 1 2015-01-11 09:41 266 Video Cards
Question Want to know about FileZilla 3.10.2 software What are the operating systems needed for Filezila 3.10.2? Can Filezila install on Solaris Operating system? Can I connect this to Dreamweaver 84416 Adam Johnson 1 2015-04-01 17:14 232 Server Software
Question Need a brief and useful information about Is there Helical gearing system available? Which operating system and how many disk spaces are required in G27 Racing Wheel? How many USB port is 84673 Adam Johnson 1 2015-04-07 08:02 194 Anonymous questions
Question How does Interrupt request (or IRQ) work and I want to need following answers How does interrupt request (or IRQ) work? What is interrupt request level? Why need Advanced Programmable Interrupt 84739 Adam Johnson 2015-04-08 20:46 247 Hardware Components
Question Explain in brief about Firebird and its Can this run on at x386, x64 and PowerPC, Sprac and other hardware platforms? Is it open source? What is multi-generational architecture and how can 85043 Adam Johnson 1 2015-05-18 13:59 245 Anonymous questions