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Question Is there a 8GB Nexus 7 tablet available I have seen  a 4 GB nexus 7 tablet but I am being told there is a 8 GB nexus 7 tablet does anyone know if this is true. 39722 Chris J Curry 3 2012-08-10 03:49 509 Handhelds / PDAs
Question Does windows have a start screen instead of Does anyone know if windows is going to have a start screen instead of a button. I don't understand how this is suppose to be helpful. 39723 Clarence L McNeil 3 2012-08-11 03:24 474 Windows 2008
Question How big will the iPad mini be Has anyone heard if there is going to be an iPad Mini in the near future. If so do you know the release date. 39724 Yvonne S Gresham 3 2012-08-15 16:41 650 iPad
Question When is Kindle Fire getting Spotify app Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows when Kindle fire is expected to get the music app Spotify. 39725 Christina J Smith 2 2012-08-09 12:01 482 Handhelds / PDAs
Question What exactly is a phablet I heard of a smart phone being referred to Phablet. Is there some sort of special meaning to this that I don't know about. 39726 Charles V Bogan 2 2012-08-09 11:56 589 Handhelds / PDAs
Question How do I check if a android phone has ExFat I need to check to see if my smart phone has a licensed version of exFat by Microsoft so I can use some Microsoft products.How do I check.  39727 Maxine A Fenster 1 2012-08-11 02:11 565 Handhelds / PDAs
Question Will the iPhone 5 have a 3d Camera I have been hearing all sorts of crazy rumors regarding the IPhone 5. The one that catches my eye is a 3D camera . That would be awesome. Has 39728 Raquel C Mitchell 2 2012-08-09 11:49 559 iPhone
Question What is Microsoft office 365 I have heard about the Microsoft Office 2013 coming out but now I am hearing about office 365. What is that exactly.  39729 Silvia P Hopper 2 2012-08-09 04:58 511 MS Word
Question Someone is Trying to Access iCloud I keep hearing that someone is trying to access icloud unauthorizedly.  The only article I can find has something to do with 39730 Ruth E Tran 2 2012-08-09 12:24 564 Apple Programming
Question Is Apple no longer supporting RSS feeds I hear that the new Safari will no longer support RSS feed. I sort of liked that feature do I have to get a new browser if this is true.  39731 Danny I Sanders 2 2012-08-09 11:34 467 Safari
Question What will the resolution be on a iPhone 5 I have heard the screen on the new IPhone 5 is going to be bigger.If this is correct are they going to improve the resolution on it as well.  39732 Mary G Greaney 2 2012-08-09 11:27 615 iPhone
Question Is Apple selling refurbished iPads Hello to Everyone I am hearing rumors down by the rumor mill that Apple is starting to sell refurbished IPads. Is this correct and if so When can 39733 Carey P Schmidt 2 2012-08-09 04:34 660 iPad
Question How much Does a iPhone 4s cost using sprint Hello I am on the sprint network . I would like to upgrade to a IPhone 4S. Does anyone know what the going rate is for one of those. 39735 Bridgette M Roth 2 2012-08-09 04:24 607 iPhone
Question Will the iPhone 5 be able to reject calls I have heard something very interesting. I have heard that when you reject a call on IPhone 5 you can text message them a preset message. Does 39741 William J. Romaine 2 2012-08-11 02:55 2,337 iPhone
Question Does Microsoft build the Surface Tablet I heard that it is microsoft that is building the surface tablet like it did with xbox . Does anyone know if this is true 39742 Christopher B. Pyles 1 2012-08-10 07:44 447 Handhelds / PDAs
Question What is the best free android app Hello , This is just a general questions Does anyone know what is the best Android apps you can down load for free. 39743 Johnnie M Ehrhardt 2 2012-08-09 11:05 485 Anonymous questions
Question What is this new search feature from Google I have heard about a new search feature from Google that let's it search your email to cross reference the web for an answer. I'm i 39744 Tiffany A Toombs 1 2012-08-11 11:20 465 Web
Question Can you get achievement points for playing I have heard that Windows 8 is Xbox capable and that you will get what they call achievement points for playing games on Windows 8 39745 Steven M Doud 3 2012-08-11 02:53 997 Windows 2008
Question How do you back up your photos I know this is a simple question but with Icloud being infiltrated I have do some backing up of my photos and files. How do you back up files on 39746 Arthur W Adams 2 2012-08-09 10:57 468 Apple OS
Question How can I Protect my external drive with I am running Mountain lion OS on a Desk top. What are the security features on Mountain lion OS that will let me back up a EXTERNAL  hard 39747 Richard L Brown 1 2012-08-11 01:03 523 Apple Desktop
Question Is iPhone 5 thinner than Galaxy S III I am looking to get a very thin smart phone. Which is thinner IPhone 5 or the Galaxy S 3. I would not complain if some one told what is the 39748 Margaret R Huling 2 2013-01-21 12:33 510 iPhone
Question Is there a hand held scanner Hello , I need a device that I can take with me into a public library and scan articles. Is there a such thing as a hand held scanner. 39749 Julie M Moore 2 2015-11-24 11:50 585 Scanners
Question Are you able to repair a Mac I would like to try and fix a Mac Desk top computer. I am having trouble just getting it open. I used to fix my own PC. Is it even possible to fix 39750 Chris J Curry 2 2012-08-11 00:52 597 Apple Desktop
Question Has anyone heard about the Nexus D Hello, I know there is a Nexus 7 that is already out but I am hearing about a nexus D. I am not even sure if its a tablet or not. It may be a PDA 39751 Clarence L McNeil 2 2012-08-10 02:23 472 Handhelds / PDAs
Question What is the Best Energy Efficient Monitor Hello , I need to get a monitor that is energy efficient but no bad on the eye. Does anyone know of a good energy efficient monitor that has really 39752 Christina J Smith 2 2015-01-10 19:15 526 LCD & Plasma