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Question Intel Series 330 SSD specs and speed. How fast would be the 240 GB Intel Series 330 Solid State Drive (SSD) than a mechanical Hard Drives? And what would be the complete specs 39477 Maggie Alley 2 2012-08-07 10:21 333 Hard Drives
Question Error shown and unable to start Software Hello experts I cannot start Software Center. Please help me to solve this. When I attempt to start with terminal, it gives me the following 39478 Gregory Manilov 1 2012-08-07 16:51 393 Development Software
Question Error while setting up any application from Hello experts, When I attempt to set up any application from Ubuntu Software Center, I get the following error message. "Failed to 39494 Olivia Talley 1 2012-08-09 02:56 290 Misc Software
Question Unhandled error shown while setting up Hello experts, I want to set up software from Ubuntu, but it shows the following error: An unhandled error happened - There looks to be a 39495 Toni Johnston 2 2012-12-07 01:29 308 Misc Software
Question “Problem with MergeList” error when trying Hi all, I am a fresher in Ubuntu and I get some troubles with the software centre. When I attempt to set up anything, it closes and shows this 39496 Hannah Tracey 2 2012-12-04 12:18 550 Misc Software
Question Button grays out while clicking ' Hello, When I try to click "install" on applications in the Ubuntu Software Center, I see that the button grays out, although it does 39498 Jasika Jame 2 2012-10-21 18:29 308 Misc Software
Question Cannot find SNS.bap or NCP.bap Hello, When I want to open the workstation set up on my OSX server, I get an error. Also, I get an error message when I try to open the 39499 Patricia Saldias 1 2012-08-08 14:18 369 Development Software
Question Unable to update while logging in the Hello experts, When I try to log in the package manager, it doesn’t update and straightly goes to the following error: "E: 39500 Coco Youmans 2 2012-11-07 05:42 290 Misc Software
Question CCC issues including I/O Errors Hi experts, I am sure this problem is same as of others. So, please help me. I feel, this is my third complete try at a duplicate to promote 39501 Tomson Nystrom 1 2012-08-08 14:20 268 Misc Software
Question Issues with my systems hardware configuration Hi all, Definitely, it is something wrong with my systems hardware configuration. Error - "07/14 03:59:38 rsync: get_xattr_names: 39502 Sara Wrightstone 1 2012-08-07 12:19 309 Misc Hardware
Question Error shown that destination volume is full Hello experts, I am backing up my most important volume to another internal drive - both are in 3TB. My system runs Mac 10.7.4. I have set CCC 39506 Rosie Ryther King 1 2012-08-08 16:14 306 Misc Software
Question Backup often finishes with errors Hi all, My backing drive is the HDD, which is linked by using the wireless network. Continually, I find the error message: "Some errors 39507 Michele Dow Lewis 2 2012-08-08 12:03 351 Development Software
Question Unable to start the scratch file while using Hello experts, When I try to use Photoshop, I could not start the scratch file because I see an error message that the disk is not there. What 39508 Emily Forrester Stowe 2 2012-08-07 14:49 420 Photos / Graphics Soft.
Question Unable to find item from source as mentioned Hi all, I receive the following error message. An error happened while CCC was in there Getting information about this item from source / 39510 Elijah Lawrence 1 2012-08-14 12:20 307 Misc Software
Question Error message shown as 'Software error Hello all, I use a Perl script and it shows me an error message: "Software Error" I identify the script from PHP in the code that 39511 Alison Maybou 1 2012-08-08 14:04 403 Development Software
Question What are the functions and features of I am very curious about iPhone 4 and want to know more about its new features very well before buying one. Please response if anyone could help me 39512 Huma89 5 2012-08-07 16:53 372 iPhone
Question What is to be named after printing HTML? Hello experts, What should you name after printing HTML? It should be print from a Perl CGI script. Also, I have noticed an empty return 39515 Liz Ann Joslin 2 2012-08-08 13:05 361 Development Software
Question How to place the code in a do while loop? Hi friends, I would like to ensure this form for the entire page in word. Please help me to find a method. If Options. 39528 Linalou Labasan 1 2012-08-07 18:37 253 Misc Software
Question Unable to start 'make' while Hello experts, I am running fedora 17. I am trying to start 'make', but I am unable to do that because it is giving me the 39529 Rowen Briones Prado 1 2012-08-08 13:54 338 Misc Software
Question Jailbreaking query about iPhone 4s Which features get unlocked after jailbreaking an iPhone 4s. ?? What are the disadvantages of jailbreaking an iphone 4s .???? Is it correct 39530 D_shekhar 2 2012-08-07 16:19 281 iPhone
Question Windows requirements for Adobe CS6 I want to buy an Adobe CS 6 Production Premium or Master Collection. Is that compatible with my Windows 7 32-bit running on my computer? 39531 Karrie Davis 4 2012-08-07 15:54 465 Windows 7
Question Similar sample programs shown while Hi all, I am a fresher to Sales Force and I would like to practice one sample on Sample native app with Sales-force as well as on Android, 39532 Brian crow 1 2012-08-14 23:11 242 Development Software
Question Is there an approved way to acquire the data Hi experts, I’m constructing a few progresses on getting a compressed (mp3) sound and I am saving it as PCM. Also, I tried to split the 39533 Clark son 1 2012-12-14 19:04 463 Misc Software
Question Android vs iPhone tech query What is the difference between jail breaking an android phone and an iPhone 4S? Why one should prefer an iPhone over an android phone? 39534 D_shekhar 4 2012-08-07 17:25 318 iPhone
Question Page not found when question is asked in Hello experts, Currently, I am making a page in a WordPress site that lets questions to be asked, but, when any question is asked, the page 39535 Kent woods 2 2013-02-01 06:13 250 Development Software