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Question ERROR 225 Printer Cannon MF 4320d My Printer is Cannon MF 4320d series Ian using it for 3 years Recently I refilled cartridge it doesn't work Properly. I sent it into canon 39589 Ayswaria 2 2012-08-08 00:46 1,791 Printers
Question Uninstall files still visible and installed I am having trouble in uninstalling programs or applications to my computer. I am trying to remove through Control Panel and then Add/Remove 39591 Ralph brooks 1 2012-08-07 21:45 359 Windows OS
Question Getting the link to DevonThink in spite of Hello experts, I still get the link to Devon Think occasionally, when I run click on a few items, in spite of uninstalling Devon Think, re- 39592 Gyle kugler 2 2013-01-26 16:14 872 Misc Software
Question Error 46 that 'Operation to a read-only Hello experts, I am getting the following error message continuously: "Btrieve Error 46 Operation to a read-only file denied" and 39595 Corey finnerty 2 2012-12-16 18:24 550 Development Software
Question Recover my files from corrupted Seagate HDD Hello Experts! I have got a Seagate hard drive that is corrupted. I have files and pictures that I need to access but the hard drive becomes 39596 Ricky long 3 2012-10-14 10:45 682 Hard Drives
Question Getting error message in printing Hello experts, I have a client who is getting trouble in printing. He finds an error message, "Having trouble communicating...RPT Network 39597 Claire esseck 2 2012-08-07 22:54 444 Printers
Question Nokia Lumia 900 Calibration Screen I am trying to find the settings for touch screen calibration on my Nokia Lumia 900 since I am having issues on texting and playing games on it. I 39598 Barry graham 2 2013-04-27 23:36 4,151 Touch-Screen
Question Install Java on Toshiba Thrive Tablet I have a Toshiba Thrive 10-inch tablet. I am trying to download Java in my Thrive but I can’t seem to do it. Can someone please provide a 39599 Leslie woods 2 2013-05-16 22:32 1,584 Internet
Question Error on accessing iCloud: Exception Hi all! I am trying to access iCloud but each and every time, I always got this error “EXCEPTION TypeError: ‘null’ is not an 39600 Cecil cole 2 2013-05-15 02:34 602 Web/Cloud Computing
Question Error 403 on downloading updates in Xperia Hello. I have a Sony Xperia Neo mobile phone and I keep getting an Error 403 on downloading updates. The update will start and it will 39601 Andre ford 2 2013-01-23 08:12 871 Internet
Question Unable to use Yahoo Messenger to join into a Hello experts, I have a problem. I cannot use Yahoo Messenger to join into a chat room because I find an Internet Explorer script error message, 39602 Muench don 2 2012-12-03 11:02 553 Chat/IM
Question Failed to transfer photos in iCloud I recently bought two Cruzer USB Flash Drive by SanDisk and I am trying to back up my photos in iPhoto using my iMac OS X Lion but the transfer 39603 Don griffin 2 2013-04-28 11:39 524 Web/Cloud Computing
Question Problem with my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic My Nokia 5130 xpressmusic is showing 2MB only on my internal memory. I tried to enter the rest code of *#7780# but nothing happen. I did not 39604 Eric bama 3 2014-09-21 06:18 958 Mobile Hardware
Question Error message while fixing with telstra Hi experts, When I try to fix with telstra turbo card manager, I get the following error message - 'a connection to the remote computer 39605 Dave tuttle 2 2012-09-10 13:42 507 Misc Software
Question Error on playing Sony Vegas: Unmanaged I got this error while playing with Sony Vegas: Problem Description Application Name: Vegas Pro Application Version: Version 11.0 (Build 682) 39606 Max fields 1 2012-08-07 22:39 896 Mobile Hardware
Question Compiler for Borland Turbo C++ I am an IT student and I am looking on where I can download Borland Turbo C. Where can I find a compiler? I need a trusted site for downloading 39607 Tori lawson 2 2012-08-08 13:14 597 CORBA
Question How to write Amharic Fonts on iPhone 4? Hello. I am using iPhone 4 and I want to know how I can write Amharic fonts on this. Please send me instructions. Thanks. 39608 Larry bailey 2 2012-11-13 15:13 1,003 iPhone
Question Installing HMA VPN on Linux I need help on installing HMA vpn on my Linux. What are the steps and system requirements? Thank you. 39609 Joe houston 2 2013-11-30 20:47 1,263 Linux
Question Winamp Nulsoft Directsound 2.47 Error I have a sound problem on my computer. When using Winamp and start playing music, it says Nulsoft Directsound 2.47 (d) error. I am running windows 39610 Ivan Cruz 1 2012-08-08 00:53 472 Sound Cards
Question Mouse Cursor keeps on vibrating I’ve got a problem with my mouse cursor. It is vibrating itself even without touching it. I already unplug it and then restart my computer 39611 Jade elliot 2 2012-08-08 00:42 1,001 Mice / Keyboards
Question Error seen while trying to setup 3DS MAX8 Hi, I tried to set up 3DS MAX8, but an error: 'License system error' occurs.   "Must register in addition to installing and 39612 Halin dan 1 2012-08-08 09:02 508 Misc Software
Question Error while starting with Outlook Hello experts, I need your help. Please. I am totally a beginner to use outlook. Yesterday, when I started outlook to send a few important 39613 Dawn hardwick 4 2012-08-07 23:41 476 MS Outlook
Question Cannot get on to zinga poker Why can't I get on zinga poker. Its been two days now and I'm getting frustrated. It keeps saying error on it and then it makes me sign in 39614 Anonymous 1 2012-08-08 09:09 394 Internet
Question MS office 2013 system requirements What is the minimum requirement on MS office 2013? Is this compatible with Windows XP? I need to know this before I buy this office application. 39635 Roger Garrison 5 2012-08-10 01:04 1,019 Microsoft Office
Question Purchased Items on ipod touch 5th gen I have purchased a music album with music video on my ipod touch 5th gen, where does it goes? Please help me with it. 39645 David Hecht 2 2013-01-23 02:16 466 iPod