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Question Where to download an additional icon for Hello experts, Where to download an additional icon for google earth? Icons that are attractive would be so cool. Give me some website wherein I 44590 Gary M Bumgarner 3 2012-11-28 20:31 456 Web
Question How to download motherboard monitor v 5? Hi guys, How to download motherboard monitor v 5? I need this version to be downloaded but I am just wondering if downloading and installing the 44609 Gary M Bumgarner 1 2012-09-14 19:06 473 Misc Software
Question I want to know about tsm backup xen server. Hello, Tell me more about tsm backup xen server. I am making a review for all kind of server technology I just want to ask if there are tutorials 44623 Gary M Bumgarner 1 2012-09-15 12:57 1,454 Anonymous questions
Question How to scale the ui in lion? Hello, I would like to ask you guys about on how to scale the UI in lion? I am using a mac OS x lion operating system. And i just want to know 44644 Gary M Bumgarner 2 2012-09-20 15:37 664 OS/2 Apps
Question What is utility companies social media? Hello, I am just curious if what is utility companies social media? Is this the server of all social networking sites? Can you give me the best 44655 Gary M Bumgarner 1 2012-09-15 12:25 371 Business Management
Question I want to download windows 7 Corel x3 Hi Techvy, I have a problem while I want to download windows 7 Corel x3 extension file and installing it. Sometime the installation successfully 44666 Gary M Bumgarner 2 2012-09-15 08:32 591 Windows 7
Question Bad Video Driver error when playing MINECRAFT Hello, I get an error saying "Bad Video Driver" when I try to play MINECRAFT. I want a help to solve this? I am needy to fix this 70970 Gary M Landis 1 2013-06-15 00:26 227 Software Others
Question Photoshop CS6 Error Code 1 Hello, I recently installed the Windows 7 64bit and have installed Photoshop CS6 but when I tried to launch it, I get this error: “ 71354 Gary M Landis 3 2014-03-12 11:15 18,776 Photos / Graphics Soft.
Question Family Tree Maker 2012 Install Wizard Unable Hello guys. I am kinda having this problem. You see my kid and I were doing his project for school. The project is to create a somewhat like 71680 Gary M Landis 1 2013-11-11 02:45 449 Software Others
Question Unable to play videos on iPod with Cross Hello, I am trying to create Cross Zoom effect in my iPod 2nd generation but I am unable to play videos on this iPod using this transition. How 72452 Gary M Landis 1 2013-11-06 05:30 275 iPod
Question Error 123D cannot save intermediate project Hi, 123D Catch has a sample project that I wanted to test with. So I opened the sample project and tried to run it on 123D Catch. This resulted in 2 73203 Gary M Landis 1 2013-10-23 12:56 325 Misc Software
Question Office 365 shows error on iPhone Hi there, When I try to connect and activate my account on Office 365 to my iPhone this error with No Subscription Found appears. Recently I bought 77806 Gary M Landis 1 2014-05-08 13:15 153 iPhone
Question What is the best software to edit a photo? I am working on editing a photo and I need to crop the photo. I don't like using Paint because it doesn't save professionally, but I don 85097 Gary M Landis 1 2015-05-10 15:08 50 Software Others
Question Render errors occurred while working with Hello tech experts, When I am working with ASGvis, I encounter a problem while I try to render. The error says me to check the error log for more 77023 Gary M West 1 2014-02-23 14:17 2,186 Video Cards
Question Charging problem with my Google Nexus 5 phone Hi, recently I have owned a new Google Nexus 5 phones. The phone is really awesome. I liked it so much in all aspects. But the only issue is with 78528 Gary M West 1 2014-08-14 03:14 137 Misc Hardware
Question Screen going black in my iPhone 5C Hi everyone, I am having iPhone 5C with the latest IOS version 7.1.2. It was working fine so far. But, today I started getting one issue. It 78986 Gary M West 1 2014-07-16 12:22 207 Apple OS
Question IPhone 6 could not update due to error 53. I have an IPhone 6 that I recently bought. It had iOS 8.0 when I tried to update the software. An error appeared during the update with an error 82017 Gary M West 1 2015-01-02 21:53 642 Apple OS
Question Ms Outlook 2007 error cannot start micrsoft I have Outlook 2007 installed on my laptop. When I try to open the MS Outlook it gives me an error that Microsoft Outlook cannot start, cannot open 82102 Gary M West 1 2014-12-31 13:47 93 MS Outlook
Question An error occurred while opening codec in I am using Sony Vegas Pro 11 on Windows 7 64 bit and I am trying to open a .AVI file on it. Whenever I try to open this file I get this error that 82154 Gary M West 1 2015-01-11 06:01 209 MultiMedia Applications
Question After upgrade MS PowerPoint fonts corrupted After an upgrade to my MAC, I am seeing corrupted fonts when I open up Powerpoint.  I have completed a virus scan because I thought that 82751 Gary M West 1 2015-02-07 11:54 85 MS Powerpoint
Question Memory remaining on video card I know there is a way to determine how much memory remains on my video card, but I cannot determine the answer.  I have Windows 8 and I would 83109 Gary M West 1 2015-02-09 21:47 89 Video Cards
Question Firefox versus Google Chrome for browser I use Google Chrome as my browser, but I am hearing more and more about Firefox and the benefits.  Does anyone have a recommendation or any 83449 Gary M West 1 2015-02-14 07:56 83 Firefox
Question My laptop screen is scratched I have a scratch on my laptop screen.  There is nothing else wrong with my laptop.  I was wondering if there were any suggestions as to 83560 Gary M West 1 2015-03-18 17:22 97 Laptops/Notebooks
Question Unable to connect to FaceBook after I have BlackBerry Torch and I upgraded my Facebook application to 2.0. But I noticed that after successfully upgrading, I wasn’t able to 22676 Gary Monet 2 2012-02-25 12:01 1,007 Internet
Question Missing WinZip on my Windows Vista Techyv readers, I got a part time online work and I just completed one of my portfolios and I will need to send this over to my boss in Win zip 3659 Gary Peterson 2 2011-07-19 12:10 668 Windows Vista