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Question System freezes after choosing to install I am trying to install Zorin 8 in Virtualbox but it's giving me problems. It boots to the Zorin 8 disc when I click start and I can choose the 78460 Coshaun James 2014-07-01 11:51 62 OS
Question Duplicate sessions after XenApp 6.5 server If I login to WI5.4 and click the published desktop, then reclick on it after a few seconds, it will create new sessions over and over. It will 78462 Crewe Bob 2014-07-01 11:56 45 Virtualization
Question Copy membership from contacts to a user in In my domain, I have contacts and user accounts with same display names. I want to copy the group membership from contacts and copy to the user 78463 Cromwell ron 2014-07-01 12:03 39 Powershell
Question Encountered error while trying to open a Hi everyone, I use Microsoft share point to make information sharing more effective. But since last few days whenever I am trying to open a page 78464 Frank maclan 2014-07-01 14:35 44 MS SharePoint
Question Adding SATA and SSD drives on HP ProLiant On an HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Server, if I have SATA drives that I would like to add to it, will I be able to mix it 78469 Dawn Knopf 2014-07-01 15:36 91 Server Hardware
Question Adding another Radeon R7 250 graphics card I have a Gigabyte Radeon R7 250 2gb graphics card and I'm planning to buy another one of these to crossfire. I noticed that there are no gold 78470 Deangellopeter 2014-07-01 15:39 73 Video Cards
Question Exchange Server 2010 blocks Bluetooth After updating to Windows 8.1, I can't switch the Bluetooth connection ON on my Lumia 920 because the Exchange Policy blocked it according to 78473 Debrajbartels 2014-07-01 15:45 40 Exchange Server
Question Missing Coded UI References cannot be found The coded UI Testing Tool references could not be found by my build which I have created in Visual Studio 2012. It built fine without any problem 78474 Finlay 2014-07-01 15:46 45 Visual basic
Question Win 7 Pro 32bit cannot find driver for I have a Logitech h540 USB headset. It is supposed to be a plug and play device, but it prompted that the device was not properly installed. It 78485 Avah.hannah 2014-07-03 11:28 37 Peripherals
Question Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT won't boot properly I have a Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT and it will not turn on properly. It goes to the Garmin screen and stays there for a few seconds, then it flashes and 78486 Ave broers 2014-07-03 11:29 29 Peripherals
Question Multiple computer issues after Mcafee update I received a notification to update McAfee and I did. It made a lot of problems on my computer. For some reason my keyboard stopped working and it 78487 Avery Brandonn 2014-07-03 11:30 28 Mcafee
Question How to map drives and setup auto-mounted I want to get QAS to integrate Mac computers to Active Directory and use it as SSO. I also want to configure drive mappings and set up an auto- 78488 Ayannahana 2014-07-03 11:31 30 Unix Networking
Question Exchange server email account not working I've been trying to connect my iPad to exchange server but it doesn't seem to work. I tried turning the SSL on and off but either way it 78490 Barb Brennan 2014-07-03 11:34 26 Exchange Server
Question How to do Multicast Routing using Cisco 4500 I have a requirement where I want to do a Multicast Routing between VLan 2 and VLan 3 and then a separated VLan Routing for VLan 4, VLan 5, and 78502 Dawn Knopf 2014-07-03 22:42 40 Misc Networking
Question Can I transfer presets from Adobe CS3 to CS6? I am thinking of getting Photoshop CS6. Currently, I am using CS3 and I have a lot of presets. Is there a way to migrate my presets from CS3 to CS6 78504 Deborah clink 2014-07-03 22:45 35 Photos / Graphics Soft.
Question How to update software version of TomTom GPS I would like to update the software version of my car's TomTom GPS device. How would I know the current version and where can I find this 78507 Finlay 2014-07-03 22:49 30 Handhelds / PDAs
Question Cisco Ironport C170 is unable to receive The Cisco Ironport C170 is unable to receive an 'Out of the Office' Notifications from the external users. There are no messages in the 78508 Floyed Brice 2014-07-03 22:50 35 Email Servers
Question How to connect XBOX to my laptop using WMC I know that I can connect to my computer from my XBOX console using Windows Media Center but I don't know how. I'm running Windows 7 on my 78513 Gabrielleriya 2014-07-03 23:05 31 Misc Hardware
Question How would I know if OpenVPN Connect is How do I detect if Open VPN Connect in iOS is installed? I am trying to develop an app and the .ovpn file needs to be imported to OpenVPN. I have 78514 Garrick Sanderford 2014-07-03 23:07 46 Network Management
Question Putting security on Office 2010 files In Microsoft Office 2010, is there a way to protect the files from being seen by an unauthorized person? How do I set a security on my files which 78516 Abrianna 2014-07-03 23:09 45 MS Word
Question Is RV180W router compatible with WUMC710 I currently have a Cisco Wireless N router which is an RV180W. Now, I want to know if it will be compatible with the Linksys bridge, the model is 78517 Avah.hannah 2014-07-03 23:11 46 Wireless Networking
Question Fujitsu tablet's front camera lags and My tablet is a Fujitsu K704 that came with Win 8.1. The front camera does not seem to function properly. I used different apps compatible with Win 78519 Avery Brandonn 2014-07-03 23:16 77 Misc Hardware
Question A low voice while on call using iPhone 5s Hi, Recently I have switched from iPhone 4s to iPhone 5s. I have iOS 7.0.2 version installed. Everything works great except I am facing some 78524 Louis E Easton 2014-07-04 20:24 57 Peripherals
Question Blackberry Storm has signal outside US but I'm in Singapore for work and I brought my Blackberry Storm with me. I got it from Verizon and as far as I know, it is network locked. So far, 78539 Corin Ronie 2014-07-05 22:41 37 Handhelds / PDAs
Question Installed FAAST to play PC games using I've been trying to play PC games using my Kinect using the FAAST Software. I had the software installed, but it wouldn 78540 Coshaun James 2014-07-05 22:45 39 Misc Software