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Category: Hardware

How to increase your PC speed and performance

Using either a laptop or a desktop personal computer can be sometimes very frustrating especially if you are using a slow computer. All computers are generally faster when they are brand new but with time, they become slower as you are using it. The reasons for this slowness are things like adware, spyware and other common threats that are usually acquired via internet.

Category: Operating system

Tips For Resolving Internet Connectivity Problems In Windows 7

What’s Causing The Problem?

There are many errors that might lead to internet not connecting. You need to know the cause of the internet disconnection so ask yourself; was the internet connecting before? If you were accessing the internet before, the following are the things to consider:

Category: Others

Facebook changes in 2012 in functionality and looks

In 2011, Facebook had redesigned the user interfaces of all the user personal profiles. The key features introduced in the new design included the introduction of the timeline as well as the viewing of a banner like large area where images appear.

Last year, they also announced that all Facebook business pages had to adapt to a new Facebook for business page that is to be in functional by today (March 31st) and that all business had to adapt to that. Nevertheless, they allowed businesses to change into the new look if they wished before the deadline.

The key changes are;-

Category: Operating system

Resolving “this copy of windows is not genuine” problem in Windows 7

Microsoft Corporation has strived in a campaign against software counterfeiting by establishing a windows 7 activation checker that helps them in identifying whether the windows 7 operating system you are using is genuine/activated legally. This campaign has been established through the use of windows update feature that is found in all versions of windows 7.

Category: Operating system

How to use On screen keyboard in Windows Vista

Using a computer can be very difficult without a fully functional keyboard. Typing a document, composing an e-mail, or even surfing the web can become laborious and time-consuming. Luckily, there is a solution - the on-screen keyboard. This feature was introduced in Windows XP and has now been carried over to Windows Vista. So whenever your real keyboard decides not to work, don't panic. You can use the on-screen keyboard at any time.

Category: Software

Retrieve product key using Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder

Most of the software has serial key or product key that we need at the time of installation. It helps to verify that the copy of the program is verified. By entering the product key your version of program gets verified and you get official updates automatically. If you are planning to reinstall your windows or any other program but you have lost your CD or DVD in that case it’s a big mess for you to reinstall the program. In that case key finder software can help you to get rid of the problem.

Category: Software

How to make poster using Picasa

Poster craze is a normal hobby for young generation. People love to collect posters of their favorite film star, movies, sports man. With Picasa 3.9.0 you can easily create poster. After creation you can print them and put them anywhere you want. The Make a poster option in Picasa 3.9.0 lets you to separate your desired photo into different parts and lest you to print them individually; so that later you can put them all together and use your poster.

Before that, here is a guide on how to download and install Picasa. Please watch the video below:

Category: Operating system

Using checkbox for selecting files in Windows Vista

Sometimes we need to select multiple files in windows explorer. Normally we press and hold the Ctrl key and select the files that we want to use. If the number is quite large then it’s very difficult for us to coordinate and sometimes some files can get missed.

Lots of problems can occur like the selection can be canceled, accidently copying files, unwanted replacement of files etc. We can get rid of this problem by using check box. Windows Vista has this new feature that helps us by selecting files using check box rather than holding the Ctrl key and selects all the files. The check box option is not turned on by default, so we have to activate the option.

Category: Operating system

How to Delete Temporary Internet Files in Windows Vista

There would be hardly any computer user who does not use internet daily. By browsing web pages, our computer saves a lot in a folder called Temp. The files saved in that particular folder are called temporary internet files. The Temp folder, also known as the cache, enables us to open previously accessed pages quickly.

Category: Others

Printing a Part of the Page in Web Explorer, Word and Excel

To print only part of the page in Web Explorer/ Microsoft Word/ Microsoft Excel, please read below:

Have you continually gone to a website and felt that you simply wished to print only the first part or half of the page?  You realize that, in the website, the juicy text that you want is sandwiched between a frame of links or ads on both ends. You do not feel the need to print everything. And if you do print the entire page, majority of the time, the printer would interrupt the part of the website that does not exactly match the 8.5" x 11"page size, typically pruning the text that you need.