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Many files have disappered after OS X Maverick update. I really don't know what has happened to my MacBook. I updated it to the Maverick and almost all files have disappeared from my MacBook. How83778WaitingEdith J Tuck...23-02-201518Apple OS
Installing Drivers Automatically in Ubuntu? I am doing my first install and had a couple of questions? When you install Linux Ubuntu does the drivers automatically install during installat82947WaitingJose K Vince...06-02-201518Ubuntu Linux
Leaving My MAC Air On All The Time Ok? I have been using my MAC Air for about a month now without turning it off. Is it ok if I have it go to sleep but not really turn it off? If my b82800WaitingJames D Cost...04-02-201536Apple Laptop
Windows XP support was ended, why? There were many PCs which were powered by Windows XP and there are many still but I can't figure out why the Windows XP support was ended by83274WaitingJose K Vince...10-02-201548Windows XP
Printer Only Prints One Page At A Time? I am trying to print multiple pages from a pdf file. But no matter what I try my Canon printer will only print the first page. I really need to83125WaitingJoseph K Car...08-02-201520Printers
I keep getting error with VPN When I utilize my VPN on a non-secure wireless, I keep getting an error. I have a work laptop and I have asked, but they tell me it shouldn'83458WaitingSalvatore N ...14-02-201541VPN
How can I open unix executable file I have few data that are in the unix executable files I try to open that data but was unable to do that. I tried a few software to open the data83306WaitingGene C Silva10-02-201523Red Hat Linu...
Message back ups on mobile phone I am in the process of changing mobile phones. I am faci83638WaitingAndrew D Ped...19-02-201511Mobile Softw...
I need good settings for the TCP Optimizer Just the other day, I upgraded my internet subscription service from 24mbps to 45mbps. Now I need ap83490WaitingTyrone E Lou...15-02-201531Web
ITunes crashes on iPhone 5 when music downloads I have an iPhone 5 and wanted to use the iTunes app.  The app runs fine when searching, etc.  However, when I go to download, it begin82806WaitingMaria P Gibb...04-02-201511iTunes
How to enable spell and grammar check on WPS Word? I'm currently using WPS Word and it lacks a feature compared to MS Word. There is no spell check and grammar check feature available. How ca83818WaitingJames D Cost...25-02-20157MS Word
Where is the quarantine on 360 Internet Security? I have installed 360 Internet Security on my desktop PC. I ran a virus scan last night and it found some. I deleted those infected items and it83670WaitingJoseph D Sau...19-02-201541Anti-Virus
Using a wireless extender to expand the range I have a wireless signal that is not reaching the intended clients in my area, I overhead abou82985WaitingLonnie W Har...07-02-201533Wireless Net...
Internet Options For Truck Driver? I am starting a new career as a truck driver on long distant runs.  My mobile service is limited on data and I do not want to rack up extra82839WaitingDonald G Gib...05-02-201572Web
Can I install Windows 10 Technical Preview on Separate disk?   83850WaitingTyrone E Lou...27-02-201522Windows 2008
Which are the must have add-ons for gamers on Google Chrome? There are many add-ons available toady but it has become difficult to choose between the available extensions. I know about GD Anywhere extensio83165WaitingPatricia C L...08-02-201514Google Chrom...
SD Card Not Working With Ubuntu Need help with this Acer Aspire and SD Card. I just finished installing Ubuntu when the I noticed83017WaitingStephen R Ga...07-02-201529Ubuntu Linux
Difference between potential dangerous program Being very active online, I am always worried of my pc being infected by dangerous programs. I83346WaitingYvonne C Ath...11-02-201511Misc Securit...
How do I get my iPhone to recognize my network? Hello, I had new neighbors move in and ever since my iPhone wants to connect to their (unsecured) network.  I have a secure wireless networ83198WaitingJacqueline W...09-02-201534iPhone
I have need Software for making color Hi, I have need a software for making color.83459SolvedTarequtt14-02-201543Quality Assu...