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Why I'm unable to copy data from iTunes?help Hey Everyone, I have got this new update to iTunes and since that update I'm experiencing some problems with iTunes. Firstly80239WaitingDon R Webber20-09-20147iTunes
Why Macbook pro is not installing new updates?help Hi guys, I want to know why my Macbook Pro is not installing new updates. I have been experiencing this problem since a week but stil80111WaitingJimmy G Hanc...13-09-201419Apple OS
Why my Graphics card crashed?problem using 3D in Photoshop!! Hi guys, I want to know what is the problem with my graphics card it suddenly crashed. I did not even know before that graphic card w80127WaitingPatricia C L...14-09-201422General
Why my headphones is not connecting to PC?help Hi guys, I want to know solution to this problem. I have headphones and I'm using it after long time but the problem is I'm u80252WaitingScott P Dani...20-09-20145General
Why my PC hangs during file transfer?Please help Hi guys, I'm Juan want to ask a question that I'm seeing this problem from few days working with my PC.The problem is my PC h80114WaitingJuan M Flora13-09-201422General
Why my PC is not detecting USB cable? Hi guys, I have windows 7 and I use Internet through data cable that is mobile USB connected to my PC but all of a sudden windows sto80165WaitingWillis K Whi...17-09-201415General
Why my PC shows Hardware error?help Hi guys, I have a problem with my pc or you can say connecting my smartphone via USB to PC. Till now it worked fine I always transfer80250WaitingMatthew S Cr...20-09-20146General
Why my printer disconncts frm PC itself?please help I have HP 2300 series printer which I use with Windows 7. Now after many days I reconnected my HP printer to my PC firstly it connected to PC af80221WaitingMatthew A Sh...17-09-201416General
Why my Speakers stopped working?please help Hi guys, I want to know why my Speakers stopped working.I got these speaker with my Sony Vaio laptop I purchased it same time when I80125WaitingJoseph K Car...14-09-201415General
Why my USB is detecting as error or damaged? Hi everyone, Today I tried connecting my USB drive to PC which is windows 7 after a long time but the USB is detected as damaged. Yes80168WaitingGeorge J Lay...17-09-201410General
Wifi not working properly in laptop. I have a new Sony Vaio laptop with windows 8.1 pro x64. Now I am facing a problem related to wifi. I've installed the required drivers, but80210WaitingChristopher ...17-09-201416Embedded Har...
Will backup/restore PC remove all viruses from it? Hi everyone, My PC got infected and I want to solve this ASAP I'm trying to remove virus from it but still its full of virus and80237WaitingEdward W Bow...18-09-201435General
Winamp cannot be opened after installationHello there, I just installed Winamp on my PC and when I want to open the program this error appears on my desktop and after I click the OK79976WaitingPaul J Clark27-08-201417MultiMedia A...
Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips I am trying to learn about windows tools so please help me.I h80192WaitingMargarete S ...17-09-20149OS
Windows getting error when games are running. When playing videos on my Dell Inspiron  running windows 8 all of a sudden the video screen goes green and the only way to get a video to p80203WaitingLloyd S Lebr...17-09-20146PC Laptops
Windows login failed without any reason. I have been using a password since I had the computer last night, and when my daughter tries to use the computer with my password, she got a mes80204WaitingPatricia C L...17-09-201413Windows 7
Windows media player crashes when playing DVDHi there, I have just built a new machine and it will not play DVDs in any DVD player. Windows Media player simply crashes, and Power DVD g79941WaitingMichael L Su...26-08-201417MultiMedia A...
Windows phone cannot restorate the phone Hello, I have this restoration error every time I want to restore my phone to get rid of the errors that I have. I tried to update my79928WaitingKevin L Gron...25-08-201420Windows Mobi...
Windows Script host error finding filesHello there, I have installed a new Antivirus on my PC and after the required restart of the PC this error appeared on my desktop. I click79738WaitingArnold Arnol...22-08-201415Windows OS
Windows server 2008 R2 error connecting to serverHi there, Windows Server 2008 R2 showed up this morning this error that I have no idea what is causing it or what it really means. I don’t79743WaitingHenry Henry22-08-201427Windows 2008
Wireless data connection fails to connectHi there, This error appears every time when I want to connect to my wireless at home with my phone. I have this problem with my phone only79921WaitingDavid D Durb...25-08-201427Internet
WordPad cannot open any type of documentsHello, I cannot open anything with WordPad because of this error. I don’t know how to solve this and after a small research on the Internet79977WaitingWilliam B Ev...27-08-201448Misc Softwar...
WordPress on OS X Lion 10.7 and Mountain Lion 10.8 errorHi experts, When I want to install Wordpress on my MAC with X Lion OS this error appears. I don’t know what I cannot install it because is79739WaitingCooper Coope...22-08-201429Internet
YouTube video, sound problem in laptop. I recently bought an HP notebook 15 a few days ago, but just today, I started having this problem when watching YouTube videos. It made this sta80208WaitingMary I Pendl...17-09-201410MultiMedia A...