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Best music player for windows As Windows default media player does not allow us to do much with music, what can be best as music player for current Windows OS that can play a81086WaitingMargaret M G...12-11-201424Windows 7
Need assistance to dual boot Windows10 with Windows7? I am getting an error “Windows cannot be installed because of GPT Partition Type”81442WaitingMaurice B Ro...21-11-201424Windows 7
Can we hide Task View and Search icons in Windows10 build 9879? We all know that Microsoft develops of its new Operating System foe desktops and recently it h81495WaitingAvah.hannah22-11-20149Windows Mobi...
Access Control List to improve the network security What is an Access control List (ACL)? What does it do? Why do you need to configure an ACL? What are81139WaitingJuan M Flora14-11-201426Windows OS
Can not copy anything and screen freezes I am not able to copy anything, also not able to take a screen81093WaitingMoses V Patt...12-11-201417Windows OS
The five vital and basic info about Microsoft Windows OS What are the five vital and basic stuffs that an IT Student aspiring to be a Professional needs to know about Windows Vista Operating System? Ca81043WaitingJohn L Krug05-11-201447Windows OS
ISO image file of cd-rom Hello everyone. How are you all? I want to know something. Can we create ISO image file of cd-rom, which we have install OS!? Can you81098WaitingMargaret M G...12-11-201446Windows OS
Microsoft Windows 7 OS architecture verses Microsoft Windows Vista OS architecture What are the distinct features of Microsoft Windows seven Operating System architecture and Microsoft Windows Vista Operating system? Are there81045WaitingMargaret M G...05-11-201433Windows OS
How does LDAP help in easy information retrieval? What is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)? Which is the latest version in use ? What is it also known as? Where is LDAP commonly81137WaitingAlisha B Sto...14-11-201421Windows OS
The updates installation for my Windows xp is shooting errors I tried to install microsoft security .NET framework 2.0 SP2 updates for Windows xp but they f81459WaitingBerta R Cahi...21-11-201418Windows XP
Setting Up a Computer Network in a Small Office When it come to setting up a computer network in the office, what options should I pursue? What factors should I take into account before procee81123WaitingPatrick A Ho...13-11-201425Wireless Net...