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Mobile Device Center for Windows 7/Vista  I always get a problem while connecting my Windows Palm top to my PC which is running Windows Vista. I searched the internet a bit and fou86497WaitingDavid M Litt...22-05-201645Windows OS
Create a restore point in my system. I want to know how to create a restore point because my system is being used by many people and ther86420WaitingRobert M Wal...01-05-2016137Windows OS
Blue screen error in windows 10 system. My windows system shuts down abruptly and the screen goes blue, and the error says, ”Your pc r86408WaitingRoy L Garcia28-04-201686Windows OS
Windows Defender The actions you selected couldn’t be applied. Hi, I recently installed Microsoft Security Essential for my Window and found some virus during scanning process but when I click on86289WaitingNorman M Bri...31-03-201655Windows OS
How To Build Sustainable Super Computer? What do you mean by a biological computer? Is it possible to build one? What will its features be? How is it different from a traditional comput86359WaitingHugh M Carpe...05-04-201648Windows OS
An error occurred during activation Hello everyone, I am using iOS 9 but an error occurred during the activation process of apps. I have given the error image so that yo86318WaitingEdward K Ree...02-04-201696Windows OS
Helo Microsoft Word 15.0 Error Hello, I am using Microsoft Word 15.0 having Windows 7 Operating System but something went wrong trying to start word document. I nee86315WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201685Windows OS
Please Help Excel 2016 Online Error Hello, I got an error message using online excel 2016 but something went wrong. I am using Chrome browser with Windows 7 Operating Sy86312WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201682Windows OS
Microsoft Office 2016 Couldn’t Verify Subscription Hi, I have downloaded Microsoft Office 2016 using Windows 10 64 bit, but using Excel an error shows up saying “Excel couldn&rsq86309WaitingFabian I Par...01-04-201653Windows OS
Screen flickers in windows 10 during usage. My screen flickers when I use my system and open up some appli86419WaitingDoug H Chen01-05-2016169Windows OS
Introduction to MAC and PC and their differences What is an MAC and what is a PC? Are the two same? If not, then what are the basic differences between the two of them?86230WaitingDennis S Sta...30-03-201666Windows OS
Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 Error Hello everyone, I am getting this error message again and again when I try to start my Autodesk Revit. I am unable to fix this proble86297WaitingTomas M Hoot...31-03-201651Windows OS
Laptop is getting too hot to touch. My Laptop is getting too hot to even touch whenever I start to run any graphic intensive application86416WaitingMary D Woodr...01-05-2016165Windows OS
An error occurred communicating with National Instruments Hi everyone, I am using National Instruments86259WaitingKelly G Laws...31-03-2016127Windows OS
Quantum Computer A New Invention What do you mean by a Quantum Computer? What are its features? In what way will it change the traditional computing that includes only 1’s86358WaitingMildred B De...05-04-201648Windows OS
Need help Error Exporting application Hi experts, I have Android Phone and tried to connect my device with computer in order to export application but an Android IDE Plug-86317WaitingEdward K Ree...02-04-201675Windows OS
Workbook Links error need help Hello, I am using Windows 7 Operating System and have installed Microsoft Excel 2016 but working on excel sheet an error message show86314WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201673Windows OS
Introduction to the concept of pixels on computer screen Pixels are used as a measurement term for screen size and any other size related applications of com86241WaitingBruce P Shar...30-03-201699Windows OS
Help Microsoft Word Subscription Error Hi experts, I have received Microsoft word 2016 error message when I tried to open my document in word form. I have verified my subsc86311WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201670Windows OS
Mind Reading Computer Is Aware Of What We Are Going To Say In the start of the year 2016, there were rumors about a compu86378WaitingMichael G My...06-04-201652Windows OS
Microsoft Word for Windows 8.1 After installing Windows 8.1, I found out that the MS Word isn’t included in the package and I can’t do anything without it because86498WaitingPaul B Barto...22-05-201653Windows OS
Help Microsoft Excel time format error Hi Experts, An error occurred using Microsoft Excel 2016 saying “pls input time in HH:MM (24-HR) format only; from 00:00 to 23:86308WaitingFabian I Par...01-04-201641Windows OS
The concept of a touchscreen on laptops If a laptop doesn’t have touchscreen feature, is it necessary to change the laptop? Or is it p86235WaitingThomas M Pol...30-03-201657Windows OS
Download link for Snipping Tool for Windows 7 Home Basic I installed Windows 7 Home Basic edition today and was just working my way around it until I found out that there’s no snipping tool pre-i86495WaitingNoel S Garri...22-05-201628Windows OS