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What is the difference between Google Play Music and iTunes Match? I would like to choose a cloud system that would allow me to stream my music from anywhere. I have h80279WaitingAndrewjohn23-09-201440Internet
What is the best format to store my music? I have been wanting to rip my CD library for ages but, since it is quite extensive, I would like to80278WaitingAndrew Word23-09-201442Misc Softwar...
What is the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0? I want to buy a new laptop, but most of those I have seen sport USB 3.0 ports. 80277WaitingAndrew Word23-09-201419Peripherals
Is the new iPhone 6 worth it? There is a lot of hype about the new iPhone 6, but the price is also quite steep. I have to upgrade80276WaitingAna J Ballin...23-09-201432iPhone
How do I play movies on my iPhone? I travel a lot and I have a wide collection of movies and videos on my laptop. I tried playing them80275WaitingAna J Ballin...23-09-201431iPhone
Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyage? I am thinking of buying a Kindle, but I am not sure I understand how these three models differ. I on80274WaitingAmy Bate23-09-201433Hardware
Is the new iPhone 6 really big? I am thinking of buying a new iPhone 6, but I have heard people complaining that it is too big. Sinc80273WaitingAmy Bate23-09-201438iPhone
How do I search only the current folder in Microsoft Outlook? My older version of Microsoft Outlook would automatically search the current folder whenever I used80272WaitingAmmelia Jess...23-09-201426MS Outlook
Can I download iOS 8 on my iPhone 5? My iPhone 5 is not showing any particular problems, but I would like to be up to date at least in so80271WaitingAmmelia Jess...23-09-201432iPhone
Can Dropbox be added to Microsoft Office Word? When I try to open or save a document in Microsoft Office Word 2013, I have the option of having Sky80270WaitingAmeliabelind...23-09-201438MS Word
How do I get rid of the start screen in MS Word? Every time I open Microsoft Office Word 2013 there is this start screen with a list of recent docume80269WaitingAmeliabelind...23-09-201456MS Word
How do I preserve my laptop battery for longer? I just bought a new laptop because the battery on my old one was useless. I would like to do everyth80268WaitingAmber Ward23-09-201435PC Laptops
Is the new Amazon Kindle Voyage worth it? I would like to update my e-reader, and I have read fab reviews of the Amazon Kindle Voyage. I would80267WaitingAmarion Dway...23-09-201427Hardware
Android applications verse the Smartphone world What do I stand to benefit as an android app developer in the Smartphone world? I am a green Android application developer and I love to develop80266WaitingKristopher T...22-09-201467Anonymous qu...
A Fresh iPhone Application Designer and their challenges What are the challenges one faces as an iPhone App designer who has started designing application software for iPhone users? I am a graduate who80265WaitingMary I Pendl...22-09-201487iPhone
PS4 turns off randomly while I play I have had this problem while playing both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Diablo III, so I don't think80264WaitingAmber Ward22-09-201455Hardware
PS4 does not accept game discs I am having some issues with the disc player of my PS4. 80263WaitingAmarion Dway...22-09-201458Hardware