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Background music for Powerpoint presentation How to play background music for a Powerpoint presentation? Can third party editors be used to add music?88866WaitingVaarleswarar...22-08-201625MS Powerpoin...
Back up an entire network drive How to back up an entire network drive to a system’s local drive? Is there any software that does the reverse too?88865WaitingR.Sattar22-08-201626Suggestions
Backup iPhone -iTunes or iCloud Which method of backup should be chosen to backup iPhone -iTunes or iCloud?88864WaitingD. Heffner22-08-201626iTunes
Azure websites vs. cloud services What service is to be chosen on comparing Azure websites vs. cloud services? How do cloud apps let the customers customize their apps, while the88863WaitingJ Lawson22-08-201625Suggestions
Azure SQL vs. SQL server What significant points are to be noted while comparing DB Azure SQL vs. SQL sever which is standalone? What factors can be overlooked while cho88862WaitingEramit22-08-201622MS SQL Serve...
Azure site-to- site VPN connections to the Vnet What type of VPN should be used to create multiple Azure site-to- site VPN connections to the same VNet?88861WaitingVaanna22-08-201627Suggestions
Azure Active directory office 365- company quota limits What do I do when my company exceeds the quota of synchronized objects under Azure Active directory office 365?88860WaitingB Potts22-08-201620Active Direc...
Azure infrastructure as a service(IaaS) Who are the service providers of ‘Azure infrastructure as a service (Iaas)’? Where can I learn more about the functionalities of Iaa88859WaitingB.lie22-08-201621Suggestions
AVG scan in safe mode or normal mode When is it recommended to use AVG scan in safe mode, and when under normal? How does this affect the performance of the AVG package?88858WaitingG1234522-08-201626AntiSpam Pro...
About AVG Secure Search -removal Why are the users at risk when they use AVG Secure Search, and it is highly recommended to uninstall the software?88857WaitingGglinoga22-08-201627Suggestions
About AVG Tuneup 2014 removal tool What are the various ways in which I can uninstall AVG Tuneup- 2014?Will using the AVG Tuneup-2014 removal tool make the process cleaner and ris88856WaitingG.rezare22-08-201628Suggestions
About AVG resident shield not active-warning What is to be done when the AVG resident shield quits or the message “AVG Resident Shield not active” appears? Does the user run the88855WaitingT.A.Chowdhur...22-08-201623Suggestions
How to get AVG PC TuneUp free-download What are the features available on downloading AVG PC Tuneup free trial version?88854WaitingT33em1dgn22-08-201635Anti-Virus A...
AVG Internet Security business edition 2012- improvements What makes AVG Internet Security business edition 2012 more versatile than its previous ones?88852WaitingH4XYH4XH4X22-08-201623Suggestions
AVG Internet security network edition -user friendly How is the AVG Internet Security network edition easy to the user? Is the feedback service reliable for network security and updates?88851WaitingFfvtedxv8u22-08-201618Suggestions
AVG Internet Security Removal Tool- a necessity Why should the AVG Internet Security removal tool be used while uninstalling the package? How does it affect my system processes if I uninstall88850WaitingC0d3-decoder22-08-201622Suggestions
Avery templates for name badges What are the various options available for creating Avery templates for name badges? What is the function of the Avery Toolbar?88849WaitingC29eri22-08-201619Suggestions
AVG email scanner is not fully functional- activation How to activate the AVG Internet security’s Email scanner? Why do I receive the “ AVG email scanner is not fully functional” m88848WaitingK. Walibora22-08-201621Suggestions
AVG Internet Security business edition-features What are the newly incorporated features in AVG Internet Security business edition 2016?88847WaitingEramit22-08-201617Suggestions
About DATAFLEX DATABASE [vs] Clarion Which of the two- Clarion and Dataflex database (Visual Dataflex 8) would you recommend for a large multi-user program which uses Pervasive SQL88846WaitingC0d3z3r022-08-201632Suggestions
Easy designing with Avery templates for Microsoft Word 2007 How do I use the Avery templates for Microsoft Word 2007after installation? How can data from multiple sources be included into my Avery project88845WaitingC0d3z3r022-08-201632MS Word
Printing Avery templates for Microsoft Word 2010 How to go about printing Avery templates for Microsoft Word 2010 documents that have the exact layout of the Avery label that is being used?88844WaitingA Najam22-08-201631MS Word
About Spectralink PTB410 Wireless Phone What makes Spectralink PTB410 worth the investment when there are new models like 8440,7520, etc.?88843WaitingHaadiforever22-08-201628Mobile Softw...