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Different Types Of DOS Attacks And Their Difference What are the different types of DOS attacks? Are they the same? In what way do they differ from each86218WaitingLance A Abre...29-03-2016177Virus & Spyw...
The Purpose Of DOS Or DDOS Attacks Why do DOS or DDOS attacks take place? What is the motive of the individuals who make it happen? What do they gain by performing this86217WaitingLouie S Good...29-03-2016163Virus & Spyw...
Saffguarding Yourself Against Any DOS Attack In what way can we protect against DOS attacks? What are the different ways? Also can we prevent such attacks? If yes, then how can we achieve i86216WaitingCharles A Cr...29-03-2016159Hardware
The Concept Of Denial Of Service Attacks And How They Work 86215WaitingThomas S Row...29-03-2016102Hardware
The Different Ways To Prevent Trojan From Entering Into A Device How do you prevent a Trojan Horse attack on a computer or any similar device? Are these methods always functional? Or do they fail sometimes?86214WaitingSteven R McK...29-03-2016169Virus & Spyw...
The After-Effects Of A Trojan Horse Attack How badly does a Trojan Horse effect the device which it enters? Does the extent of the attack remain same on all computers or does it vary from86213WaitingThomas S Row...29-03-2016153Virus & Spyw...
Trojan Horse With All Its Specifics How does the Trojan Horse attack a processor or a computer in general?How does it enter the computer or any other device? Does it spread or no?86212WaitingRex M Patten29-03-201671Virus & Spyw...
An Introduction To Computer Virus, Worm, And Trojan Horse What do you mean by a computer virus, a worm, and a Trojan horse? What is the difference between each one of them?86211WaitingKatherine R ...29-03-201682Virus & Spyw...
Malware And Adware And the Difference Between Them What do you mean by the term malware and what does adware mean? What is the difference between these two?86210WaitingRex M Patten29-03-201667Virus & Spyw...
Introduction To Viruses In Computers That Enter Through The Internet Why is it not safe to download free software from the Internet? What is the effect of downloading one? What care must be taken to avoid the dang86209WaitingKatherine R ...29-03-201663Security
The Concept Of Cyber Security And Its Advantages What do you mean by the term cyber security? What is the primary motive of cyber security? What are the pros of it and its disadvantages?86208WaitingDonald F Car...29-03-201686Security
All About Cyber-Attacks And Their Purpose What do you mean by the term cyber-attack? What is its purpose? What are the types of cyber-attacks? 86207WaitingDavid T Noon29-03-201699Networking
The Effects Of A Large Processor Size There are processors of various sizes available. What is the use of a processor with a bigger size? Does it have any advantages? (Compare a 32-b86206WaitingDavid T Noon29-03-201697Hardware
The Processors Used In Mobile Phones And Other Devices Processors are fixed/placed into various devices like phones, laptops, computers, etc. What are such processors called? What are the characteris86205WaitingKevin A Augu...29-03-2016100Hardware
Apple Products And The Processor Than They Use Which processor do all the Apple products use and what are its advantages?86204WaitingXavier B Fis...29-03-201697Apple
Use Of An Architectural Register In Processor In a processor what is an Architectural Register and what is its purpose? Why is it necessary to make it available to the compiler or programmer86203WaitingKevin A Augu...29-03-201666Hardware
Processor Aand Instructions : Parts Of Processor used To fetch an instruction from the internal memory of the processor, various components of the processor have to be activated. Which are they?86202WaitingJonathan L G...29-03-201670Hardware
What Is The Functions Of Processor What is the use of router system, a hard drive controller, and a CD player driver out of these: DATA CONTROL, DATA PROCESSING, DATA MOVEMENT OR86201WaitingMatthew M Sl...29-03-201660Hardware
The Use Of Assembler In A Computer What is the purpose of having an assembler? Is it necessary to have an assembler in every computer?86200WaitingDustin T Do29-03-201678Hardware
Difference Between Computer Compiler And Interpreter What is meaning of a Compiler and an Interpreter? Are they the same?86199WaitingJohn C Reis29-03-201695Hardware
Types Of Processor Architecture With Comparison Hi There are two types of processor architecture: Von Neumann Architecture and Harvard Architecture. Which of the two processor archi86198WaitingLarry L Poli...29-03-201686Hardware
Intorduction To CPU Parts And Functions Hi Identify each part of the Central Processing Unit and state their functions. What is the purpose of each component and state their86197WaitingPenney N McM...28-03-2016132Hardware