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Why my Xbox One games crashing? Hi guys, I want to ask a question and please help me I like playing games a lot and thus purchased Xbox One and its een three months80438WaitingMatthew S Cr...01-10-201432General
Problem with Vice city game does not load? Hey friends, I want to ask a question and it is related to Vice City game so please help me to recover my game and continue where I s80437WaitingCarol D Cost...01-10-201417General
How to delete cache of my Galaxy Grand 2? Hey friends, Please tell me how to delete cache of my new handset that is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. I purshaced this smartphone  a80436WaitingDonald M Str...01-10-201418General
Why Whatsapp nd BBM is not downloading in iTel 1451? Hey friends, I have come up with this problem and its really irritating to me that I'm unable to use whtsapp  and BBM on my80435WaitingJames E Gons...01-10-201437General
Why I'm unable to download whatsapp on Nokia XL? Hey guys, I want to ask a question that is why I'm unable to download whatsapp on Nokia Xl? what is the problem with it please he80434WaitingScott B Thal...01-10-201430General
Why my calling tab is not detecting any Sim cards? Hi guys,  I have Technno Phantom Tab its calling tab that supports calling feature. I liked this tab for affordable price a80433WaitingHugh M Carpe...01-10-201421General
Why my Phantom Tab is not turning on? Hi everyone, I want to ask a question anybody with this knowledge and who have phantom tab please do reply me its urgent I need my ta80432WaitingMildred B De...01-10-201425General
Help GT N7000 is not workking? Hey guys, Please help me get my Note back to working condition I'm asking this question with very little hope as I think my Note80431WaitingGabriel C Do...01-10-201430General
Need help routing new cube tal? Hey friends, I want to download and route this new cube talk like any other apps but getting many problems. I'm worried is it int80430WaitingMoses E Harr...01-10-201422General
Why my mobogenie is not downloading any apps? Hi guys, I downloaded Mobogenie app in my new smartphone its Samsung galaxy Core 2 and the problem is Mobogenie app is not downloadin80429WaitingRichard E Do...01-10-201437General
Why Techno A plus shows full memory? Hey guys, I want to ask a simple question and that is why my Techno A plus shows full memory and out of memory issues. Though my80428WaitingDarrell N Mo...01-10-201422General
Why my Samsung Galaxy S4 powers on itself? Hey Everyone, I wanna ask a question please answer me to help solve this actually the problem is with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and this h80427WaitingDon R Webber01-10-201438General
Error in my Whatsapp Please help? Hi everyone, Hey friends please help me with this the problem is my Whatsapp is not working properly. The problem is when I'80426WaitingEdward W Bow...01-10-201445General
Why my BBM pin works only on WiFi? Hi guys, I want to ask a question and that is I'm really concerned about. The thing is my BBM pin works only on Wifi network and80425WaitingLester J Hya...01-10-201437General
I am not receiving important calls from my friend. I am not receiving calls from one of my Friends. Though I can view missed calls from him in my80424WaitingJimmy L Merr...30-09-201434Misc Hardwar...
I am unable to run my SAP network I am unable to run my SAP ABAP module in my Laptop. Though my system is updated as per the requirement of and I am using 4 GB RAM, Intel P3 etc.80423WaitingJoseph T Smi...30-09-201443VMware