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Memory allocation techniques used inside the processor Which are the various memory allocation techniques used? Why are the used? What is the different between the various methods of memory allocatio86397WaitingChristopher ...06-04-2016206Others
The laptop screen displays small black spots The laptop screen displays small black spots on the screen, is it a dead pixel or something else as it hampering the display? 86406WaitingEric S Vazqu...28-04-201673Windows OS
Unable To Copy My Data From MyOold Android To New One Brought a new android mobile phone, having a hard time to copy all my contacts, messages, song and v86407WaitingEric S Vazqu...28-04-201684Apple
Blue screen error in windows 10 system. My windows system shuts down abruptly and the screen goes blue, and the error says, ”Your pc r86408WaitingRoy L Garcia28-04-201681Windows OS
Incomplete shutdown after updating to windows 10. My Laptop does not completely shut down after upgrading to Windows 10,the power button stays on and the processor is still continues running, ho86409WaitingRoy L Garcia28-04-201691Windows OS
Partition error during windows installation. When installing windows on a system the setup produces error: “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is not of the&n86410WaitingLawrence P T...28-04-201677Hardware
Printer not being detected by computer. My computer does not detect printer even though it is connecte86414WaitingJohn B Gutie...01-05-201653Hardware
Screen turns black and won’t revert. My monitor screen turned black after I changed the resolution to a higher ratio and now it won&rsquo86415WaitingLawrence P T...01-05-2016107Windows OS
Laptop is getting too hot to touch. My Laptop is getting too hot to even touch whenever I start to run any graphic intensive application86416WaitingMary D Woodr...01-05-2016146Windows OS
No audio coming from the system There is no sound in my system when I connect my Speakers and86417WaitingSean A Fulto...01-05-2016145Hardware
Laptop not getting charged after being plugged in. My Laptop battery is stuck at 0% and not charging any more, I can only work on my system when I plug86418WaitingRobert M Wal...01-05-2016160Windows OS
Screen flickers in windows 10 during usage. My screen flickers when I use my system and open up some appli86419WaitingDoug H Chen01-05-2016152Windows OS
Create a restore point in my system. I want to know how to create a restore point because my system is being used by many people and ther86420WaitingRobert M Wal...01-05-2016132Windows OS
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition Download Hey there, I’m a web developer and recently formatted my HDD and lost all the useful apps setup’s, well I recovered almost all of th86492WaitingMary J Duckw...22-05-201616Prog\Scripti...
Is SQL is a programming language I’ve recently figured out that I should start coding and I’ve gone through many tutorials and stuff, but I’m yet to figure-out86493WaitingAlbert N And...22-05-201618Prog\Scripti...
What are Solaris interview questions and answers? I’m about to install Solaris as guest OS through VMware, so I wanted to know about the Solaris86494WaitingAlbert N And...22-05-201616Anonymous
Download link for Snipping Tool for Windows 7 Home Basic I installed Windows 7 Home Basic edition today and was just working my way around it until I found out that there’s no snipping tool pre-i86495WaitingNoel S Garri...22-05-201620Windows OS
MS Picture Manager Free Download and also a workaround for Office 2013 Hello, I recently bought MS Office 2013 and one of the many things that I found missing was the Picture Manager. I’ve been using it since86496WaitingAndrew D Ped...22-05-201619Microsoft Of...
Mobile Device Center for Windows 7/Vista  I always get a problem while connecting my Windows Palm top to my PC which is running Windows Vista. I searched the internet a bit and fou86497WaitingDavid M Litt...22-05-201627Windows OS
Microsoft Word for Windows 8.1 After installing Windows 8.1, I found out that the MS Word isn’t included in the package and I can’t do anything without it because86498WaitingPaul B Barto...22-05-201628Windows OS
Basic Information on Backup & Restore on Android I was just going through the settings app on my Android Smartphone and under the Personal tab I found ‘Backup & Restore’ option.86499WaitingDavid M Litt...22-05-201629Apple
Wav to text converter online ( Chrome Extension) Hello, I was wondering if there is any wav to text converter online as I need to calculate the spectrum and other stuff of the sound?86500WaitingPaul B Barto...22-05-201632Others