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Analyzing the efficient use of resources in MS ProjectI have the role of Manger and I am trying to analyze the efficiency of tasks assignment and status of the tasks. If I select one individual task, what85758WaitingWillie C Dye...24-05-201510MS Project
Lost MySQL database accidentally steps to recoverWhat are the steps to be followed to recover database? Where will be the database basically dropped into? I am still learning the database and I recen85759WaitingKatherine R ...24-05-20155PHP
Trying to display four videos in Matlab at a timeI am trying to find the way to play a pair of videos or four of them at a time. I am trying to display video inside video. I am aware that Matlab allo85760WaitingChristian K ...24-05-20152MatLab
How to limit the size of file being downloaded in BrowsersI am using internet to download several files in computer running on Windows 7. Now, I have a requirement to jeep an eys on the size of the file being85761WaitingAnthony M Mc...24-05-20153Firefox
Team viewer acts sluggish in one but best in another PCI have installed team viewer in three of the PCs I have. All the PCs have latest Team viewer versions and one of them has Windows 8 OS. The other two85762WaitingDennis A Rec...24-05-20154PC Laptops
Optimizing function fit function in Matlab using reformulation and extra errorI am trying to increase the speed of the functions I have implemented so that I can speed up the process. I have datasets in multiple files and of gig85763WaitingWilliam D Ch...24-05-20153MatLab
How to add several project managers in MS projectI am managing a very big project with multiple managers for specific task groups. I would like to assign one of the mangers to update the task status.85764WaitingCarl E Flana...24-05-20155MS Project
Error while trying to rename the m script files in MatlabI have several m files and data files in a project. Now I want to rename the m files into standard specific name format which I have to compulsory fol85765WaitingGregory B Kl...24-05-20154MatLab
MS Project is not allocating resources as per my calendarAssume there are five people to whom tasks have to be allocated. I want one person to work on a task for complete day or until the task is complete wh85766WaitingDennis A Rec...24-05-20155MS Project