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My Canon printer is printing blank pages I have a wireless canon printer and this strange thing happens that whenever I give print comm80842WaitingEdward W Bow...20-10-201428Printers
My laptop is making screeching sounds while charging I have Compaq laptop, whenever I put it on charging it makes a very low but intense screeching80843WaitingDon R Webber20-10-201418Anonymous
My Apple Router is not recognizing my PC I have the Apple Airport Express router and I want it to connect it to my Windows PC. It is no80844WaitingDarrell N Mo...20-10-201411Apple Networ...
Laptop is not booting after uninstalling Linux I am Working on Windows 7. I had to run some commands of Linux. So, I did a partition in my ha80845WaitingRichard E Do...20-10-201411Linux
WD Cloud not recognising external USB drive I own the WD Cloud device 2TB and a while ago I bought a WD Green 2TB that now lives inside a80846WaitingMoses E Harr...20-10-201412Hard Drives
PS Vita losing connectivity in some specific games I have the Sony PS Vita and it works perfectly fine until I play some specific games in which80847WaitingGabriel C Do...20-10-201411Hardware
How to Search in a Scanned pdf I downloaded an ebook of Automata to prepare for my internals. It is a scanned copy of origina80848WaitingMildred B De...20-10-201410Software Oth...
The distinct functions and features of TP-Link and D-Link What are the clear distinctions with respect to their functions and features among a D-Link and a TP-Link? Apart from each been a link, does eac80849WaitingDana B Reid21-10-20149Hardware