YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone

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Hi there,

I have an iPhone 3gs. I'm trying to watch YouTube movies on it.

But every time I select a movie to play, an error message appears, "This movie could not be played".

My Internet connection is not a problem because I can easily open other websites on it.

Please help me. How can I play YouTube videos on iPhone.

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YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone

  • Internet video is a Flash video. Flash player is necessary to play those flash videos. The computer can play if you have flash player installed with Internet browser. Same condition for iPhone. IPhone needs flash support to play Internet videos. YouTube videos are also flash videos. So flash support is necessary for an iPhone.
  • If your phone does not have Flash support, then install Flash player on your iPhone. You can find it at This software is only available for Java supported phones.
  • Another option is you can update your iPhones' software, if an update is available. Updated software will have Flash support.
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YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone


This could be an issue with your data connection or try to check if the URL for the YouTube video that you are trying to play is correct. Invalid URLs is cached on your iPhone so if you play on that video or attempt to replay it, it will no longer work. The possible fix for this is to restore your iPhone or just delete and then re-add the video to your device manually.

So, check if the problem occurs with only one type of data connection. Example, since you are using an iPhone 3G or Wi-Fi, playing YouTube videos won't work if GPRS data connection is the only connection available. If you cannot play YouTube videos over EDGE or 3G but you can play it over Wi-Fi, then the issue could be due to your data connection. Ask your mobile carrier for assistance.

Another way to fix this is to remove those YouTube videos that you are playing if its in your Most Recent, Top Rated, History or even if you have bookmarked it, remove or clear the list and then just re-add those videos again.

Lastly, if the above solutions doesn't work, restore your iPhone. Just simply connect your device to your computer and then choose your device name when it appears on iTunes. Under the Summary tab, click the Restore iPhone button. You will be asked to confirm the restoration, click Restore to continue and wait till the process is done.

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