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Foxconn, the China-based manufacturing partner of Apple, is in the "trial production stage" of producing the long-awaited Apple TV set, according to China Business News. No further details were released.

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Hello Mohammad Zahidul Hasan.

This same question asked by you has been baffling many minds around the world. Apple TV is most obviously likely to install the features of its connectivity features to its other iOS devices and might have an effect in its popularity level if it includes its popular app features such as the Siri, iCloud, etc.

It is likely that the price may be too costly for a lot of people, but there will be a huge population of tech lovers and rich people who love the idea of getting something uniquely different and many people from the high class and celebrities who are highly likely to be willing to purchase these.

But keep in mind that popularity is not only measured by the purchase as the idea of "money" exists in this economic world- the Apple TV is likely to include a very effective performance which will leave many thousands of people dreaming about owning one some day when they will get the capability to buy these. So let us wait and watch what surprise Apple TV is bringing for us.

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Well Apple is the best and the number one company due to many reasons and the innovative products it offer is one of them. So its just not a correct question as to whether Apple TV will be a success, because no matter how much it sells, it will still be as per the estimates by their experts. People buy apple products and will continue to buy and thus Apple TV will no doubt be sold quite healthily all across the globe.