Why novell client is used

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I registered with Novell since it is widely available for free download. I was able to secure a download of Novell Netware Client. I wonder why Novell client is used? What are the obvious advantages of using this and what are the features of this program? Can somebody answer me?

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Why novell client is used


Novell Netware Client is a software developed by Novell Inc which enables the Windows based clients to connect to Netware Servers. The program allows the user to login to the network and connect to Windows Servers or Netware Servers. The program connects to bindery or NDS(Novell Directory Services) Servers and authenticates the user in the context .

The user can view the network resources that he is connected to from the Novell Connections option. Network passwords can be managed from the Novell Client and also the passwords with the users workstations can be synchronized. Network resources can be accessed when the user has appropriate rights, by mapping to Netware Volumes and specific folders.

These mapped drives get automatically added under the list of drives in Windows Explorer. The mapping can be configured to re-connect every time the user logs in to the network. Network Printers associated with Netware Queues can be captured for printing from a workstation using the Novell client. Users and Administrators can manage rights to users and groups for network resources using the client.

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