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What is a prestashop forums? Can you tell me more about this forum about all the services, interactions, modules, comments and suggestions. I am studying on how to also create a related forum just like prestashop forums. I hope you can give me some ideas.

Thank you.

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First you should know that PrestaShop is a free, secure, open source e-commerce platform used by thousands of active stores worldwide to sell or buy products with other people online. Payment methods through e-currencies such as PayPal, Moneybookers and Hipay are accepted also payments through cash on delivery, bank wires and checks are available. PrestaShop forums is for users to share their ideas with each other, regarding almost everything about PrestaShop management.

Here's the link

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Hello Christine,

Prestashop forum is forum for discussions related to Prestahop, a leading e-commerce software.

It is a knowledge base and repository of information, where users can ask questions, look for answers, provide answers and share their experiences with other community members.

This forum itself is very neatly organized, for example, the Services section provides links to various services provided by them (Training, support etc.)

In case if you are planning to create a forum soon, then I would suggest using an existing software such as phpBB as a base, you may look at my response to a similar question. Using an existing software would save you time and you won't be re-creating the wheel.

Hope this information gets you started.


Mclean Buono