What to do when mouse doesn’t work with ‘X’?

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As my mouse does not work with X, what should I do and why does it happen? I ran and configured X in my computer.

Again, what happened was that, I got an error, “KDENABIO Failed” and “Operation not Permitted.”

This happens every time I start to encode in my computer. Can anyone please help me on this irritating problem?

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What to do when mouse doesn’t work with ‘X’?


Hi Aspen,

You have probably got the problem or error because your system is running in a secure levele raise.

It is really impossible to start X on a raised secure level. If you are wondering why it happened, you can take a loot at it on the manual page. Youi have also two choices to be able to solve your problem. Here are they:

  1. YOu should set back down to zeroyour secure level
  2. You can usually do it from etc/rc.conf/ or you can run xdm
  3. Before secure level is raised you need to reboot your computer

This is what I did last time I encountered sauch error. Itw orked for me so I hope it will work for you either.


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