What Is Django and What is it Used for?

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I came across a website requesting for somebody who has skills in Django. I would like somebody to explain this skill to me and what kind of application can be built using this Django tool. Would you say that it is a skill that is in high demand and will land me a lucrative job once I get to know how to use it?

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What Is Django and What is it Used for?



Django is a super framework for Python, enabling more powerful and fast, clean web development.

Python is a web development language for coding web apps easily. It’s open-source and compatible with all systems that has made it tremendously popular. Depending on this language, Django is developed as an SDK.

It’s rich in its components. It provides rich, dynamic database-access API for free but SQL is also available if you prefer. Designing URL is quite a good task with no framework-specific limitation. Caching is on another level that enables super performance.

Django is not for having a good job but do the job perfectly and in time. If you've mastered enough, you can even finish before time limit!

In order to learn Django, you have to learn Python first. Learn Python. Next, it’s time to learn Django. Learn Django.

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