What is Cloud Computing Technology?

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Hello Experts!

I have a simple query but I really want a profound answer from anyone of you.

I would like to know more about Cloud Computing Technology and the benefits of using it.

I need to know how it works.

I want to know about its key characteristics, layers, Architecture, Deployment Models and many more.

I hope you can help me. Thank you.

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What is Cloud Computing Technology?


Cloud Computing Technology is getting famous nowadays. The popularity is soaring high because of it's benefits and usage. This technology is talk of the town because everybody is asking this the same questions, what is cloud computing?

Cloud computing has it's own platform designed to provide service that implements according to there needs. More over, it's impact is important to any sector in IT and security because most workforce spend significant amount of money to maintain storage, upgrade the technology and security.

This cloud technology is a 3rd party company that offer this service, cloud computing. They are the ones who maintain the service and the web server. The traditional software is expensive and complicated because of these variety of hardware and software needed to run the software applications. You need an expert to install the software into your computer to enjoy the service you have subscribed. You need to test run the product to enjoy it's features but the updates and security might be vulnerable.

Here then cloud computing technology comes in, it promise to provide more benefits and the services is reliable. It cost you less and the security is in high quality standards. You can store data, edit, copy, delete and all kinds of infrastructure software applications they offer, you 'll get to enjoy this to the fullest.


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What is Cloud Computing Technology?


Hi Meynard,

This is a new term used to refer to a technology that is related in some way to Grid computing which is a known term.The term cloud computing comes from partly the use of cloud image to represent internet or some large networked environment.

We do not know much of what happens in the clouds but what we rely on is the fact that we send data and receive data from it. This is in real sense distributed computing.

Applications are built using the resource from multiple services and locations. The benefits of cloud computing is that it maintains and manages itself of course people maintain the hardwares but in the software application the reference is the cloud itself.

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What is Cloud Computing Technology?


Hallo Meynard,

Cloud computing is a computing technology whereby the computing has been implemented as a service as opposed to it being a product. In this technology resources which include software and other information are shared among the computers and other devices over a network which in this case is the internet as a utility.

End user knowledge of the location where the data is and how the system that hold the data is configured is not of great importance when it comes to cloud computing.

The data is stored and managed in a cloud and the end user only needs to pay for the space that their data occupies in the cloud. This reduces the costs of managing data and those that will have been incurred in hiring more IT staff to manage the data,


Mahesh Babu

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