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How are Graspable User Interfaces different from traditional GUI and CLI systems? These are also called Tangible User Interfaces and were discovered by a Japanese developer at MIT. Are TUIs becoming more popular, or are GUIs and CLIs still in use more? Thanks.

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Graspable User Interfaces or (GUIs) provides users concurrent to multiple or specialized input device which can serve as physical interfaces. And it also means the potential persistent and attachment of a device to a function that can increase by using the physical object.

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Dear Minty nicky,

I would like to add another thing  now this technology is named Tangible User Interfaces only  and there is no use for the name like Graspable User Interfaces, Tangible user interface is the state of art after the invention of Durell Bishop's Marble Answering Machine, and the interest in TUIs is growing from one year to another.

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The graphic user interface is normally a human-to-computer communication system. It uses the maximum section of data representation to communicate with the computer. The command line interface mainly uses commands for user-PC interaction. Tangible user interfaces are mainly a sequence of tangible bits. Physical data is technically represented by bits. Yes, it is more effective then GUI and CLI, but we still cannot use it in some sections for encoding problems. We hope it will be more popular in the future.