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What are the reasons of sudden call dropping during conversation in Skype without any prompted error message?

How to prevent sudden call dropping during conversation? 

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Which version of Skype you are using? If you are using the older version, then upgrade it to the latest version. You can also download the latest version from

The video call drop down could be for slow internet connection. For testing the connection between you and another user can be measured with test speed button. But for a better conversation you have to be sure that you both have a good speedy internet connection. Before running Skype close another program like your web browser, messenger or any program run with internet connection.

I think these tips will work for you.

Thank you

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Hello dear,

This is very easy to understand. When you make a video call, it requires a lot of connection speed, which means you have to get a high speed internet connection. If your connection is slow, it will drop the call that you have made.

There is also another problem that might be happening. Check your installed version. It seems that you are using an outdated version of Skype. Go to this link and download the official version of Skype, and enjoy unlimited calls.

I hope this will help you. Thanks.