Unable to convert a .xml file back to it’s original .bin form

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I am in the process of editing a track.bin file (20.7 Mb) using RW-Tools. I further unzipped the file (using serz.exe) into a .xml file (188 Mb), which had already been edited.

The problem that is giving me a headache is that I am unable to convert the file back to it's original .bin form. An error box pops up saying that there is not enough memory. My system has 24 GB of memory!!

Any idea as to what I can do?


ERROR: out of memory reading XML stream, 1540042 elements FILE: D:buildCoreReleaseCodeLibsFoundationAPIcore/FaException.h LINE:113.OK.

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Unable to convert a .xml file back to it’s original .bin form



Have to tried on;

01. Save the file in XML format, with your edited changes.

02. Use a third party software to convert your XML to Bin.

trust you can find plenty of third party freeware as well as shareware to convert and xml to a bin file.

Hope this would help.

In addition, there are some other software allows you to edit a bin file in the same interface as xml, so you don't have to convert and revert back to previous version.

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