Transferring photos from iTunes to iPad; same charger for different devices

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I have searched everywhere in the Internet for these two questions I have regarding iPad, but unfortunately, I could not find no related posts that would answer them. I need to transfer photos from iTunes to my iPad.  My first question is – the file size and resolution would surely be compressed by doing this – what would be the new file size and resolution of these photos once they are compressed? The second question is, is it safe for the charger I use for iPad be used as well for iPod and iPhones and other devices that are powered by using USB?

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Transferring photos from iTunes to iPad; same charger for different devices


Hello Barrette,

If you need to transfer the files from iTunes to your ipad then I presume that you are using an ipod right? You should be having the USB cable that you can use to connect the iPod to the ipad then transfer the files. When you connect the two devices together, just access the iPod as a USB device so as you can access the files on the ipod in folders and then copy them and paste them on your ipad. If you open them in playable media format you will have trouble copying them to the ipad.

I do not the resolution of the images will change after transferring them to the ipad, but you can choose to manually change it if you want to.

If the charger you are using for the ipad can connect well to the iPod and iphone then there is no harm in using it. It will not be spoilt by doing so.



Clair Charles


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