Incorrect Time Settings every after PC restarted

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My computer always displays incorrect time and date. I always have to correct them manually every time I turn on my pc. I’m tired doing it everyday. Can this be because my computer is too old and needs upgrade?

I hope not.


  • Dell optiplex gx100 466 celeron
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 80 GB HDD
  • Windows XP

I’ve done research on the internet and the info I got is to change the cmos battery. I don’t know if that is correct.

I wish this is just a minor problem and that there would be an easy fix. I appreciate any solutions you might have. 

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Incorrect Time Settings every after PC restarted


That’s right, if CMOS battery is low, the system could not update data stored in the CMOS. CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. This is the chip in your Motherboard where BIOS (Basic Input Output System) was installed and initialized. CMOS holds this information so that there is no need to initialize your computer every time you boot-up.

Clock is one of the parts stored in CMOS. If you try to observe your computer, your clock is always updates even if you unplug the computer from the outlet. This means that some components in your Motherboard are powered independently.

Just like quartz, CMOS needs battery to be powered on. The battery used for CMOS is the same with quartz. We called that battery as “button cell” because it looks like a button. Take note, button cell comes with different size and different volts, so when you are replacing your CMOS battery, you should identify the volts and the size of the battery or the product code of the battery. In my computer, it is Maxel CR2032, 3V battery.

Doesn’t matter the brand name, just don’t forget the code which is “CR2032”. Or for your good, bring the battery on the store so that you will get the exact battery for your CMOS. If your CMOS battery is just low power, you will not notified by your computer. You will just experience the time does not updating accurately. And if your battery is too low or no charge at all, your computer will prompt you during POST (Power-On Self Test) either one of these errors: CMOS Read Error, CMOS Checksum Failure or CMOS Battery Failure.

How to locate and replace your CMOS battery. First to do is open your computer casing. Warning: The computer must be unplugged from the power outlet to prevent electric shock. After opening, you will see the largest circuit board inside and look for circle silver in color object inserted into a socket. That is almost a quarter dollar in size. If it is hard for you to find the battery, please refer to your manual so that you can easily find the battery. And if you have already found the battery, please check for locking orientation of the battery so that you can pull-out the battery. Be careful, you might damage some nearby chips pulling out of the battery not in proper way. Then insert the new battery. After insertion of the new battery, plug your power chord on your power outlet, turn-on your computer then set everything in your BIOS setup including your time settings.

Tips. Your CMOS battery will be having long life if your computer is always used. And if your computer was used once for a month, it has the higher possibilities that your CMOS battery will lost charges just for a short time. The reason behind this is your CMOS using power only from the battery if not in used. But if it in use, the CMOS was powered through the power comes from your power supply. I have one computer here powered on for almost 24 hours a day. That computer ages more than 5 years and his CMOS battery is still in charge.

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Incorrect Time Settings every after PC restarted


It is the right solution to replace the system BIOS battery. But before that you can try to set the correct time zone. Maybe your computer has been set up to the wrong time zone and it resets to the time zone when you reboot.

You can easily fix this. Just right-click on the clock in your taskbar and select: Adjust date/time. Under the part Time zone check your information about time zone is correct. If not, click on Change time zone and set your time zone. Then confirm with Apply.

daylight sving time

If this 2 cases can't fix your problem then you have malware. Check your anti-virus program is up to date then proceed with scanning. If your anti-virus did not find anything, then start your system in safe mode and than do re-scan.

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