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How will the Lenovo broadband service for ThinkPad work? Will the Lenovo broadband service connection use a USB device?

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Dear joycedparker,

Lenovo has introduced broadband services some specific Thinkpad models those are equipped with 3G module. If you are travelling and have that right model of Thinkpad with you, you can use this service.  This service is given to Thinkpad users by using Cloud based platform. You do not have to use a USB device. It can be used by a single click on those specific models. The cheaper packages called as “Time Pass” introduced are one that cost 1.95$ for half hour and is up to 30MB of data, the other is $8.95 for a day and up to 200MB of data. For regular users, monthly plans are available in 200 MB, 2 GB and 6 GB, with an automatic renewal option. This service is running now in the U.S. and nine European countries.