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Hi All,

I am a user of Teamviewer and it helps me to give online support to my clients.

Recently an error message comes up with Teamviewer which says that ‘Commercial use suspected’.

Actually I am using the application maximum two times per week and it will last for a very few minutes.

So, I don’t want to buy a paid version.

Please give me suggestions to avoid this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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You said that, you have a trial version of Teamviwer and now it's showing"commercial use suspected". First you have to know that, A trial version is not permanent solution or advantage for your work.

 It's only give you a few days for trial. And the other hands you don't want to buy a paid version,Well.

Then you will be needed to redownloading your Teamviewer, not re installing. Because when your trial version is expire it's dated, it's automatically cropped it's data.

That's the same cause is happening with you. So If you want to use your team viewer without paid version, you will be must need to redownlosding and install your Teamviewer after a few days. When TEamviewer date will be expired.