Something Trouble with my Dell Vostro

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I am an Oracle DBA Consultant. I have bought a new Vostro 3450 laptop with spec;

RAM 8Gb, VGA Ati Radeon, HDD 500GB 7200 Rpm, Core-i5


1. Why it happened to ground, especially when I charged the battery and it happened on monitor screen?

2. WHy my VGA only being detected 700Mb on OS 64 bit, and 2,3Gb on OS 32 bit?

I need your explanation. Big thanks. 🙂

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Something Trouble with my Dell Vostro


The problem you have mentioned in your questions is very rare Mr. Xyjimenez. It’s something which really I heard fist time. You please just take the following steps that may secure your Vostro 3450 laptop.

1.      Did you add any new hardware with your Vostro 3450 laptop recently, remove that.

2.      Did you install any new software in to your Vostro 3450 laptop, uninstall it.

3.      You must have installed any Antivirus too on you system uninstalls it but if you have installed Microsoft Security Essential then its ok.

4.      Now try to scan your system and check viruses and malwares and remove them.

5.      Update your all software’s like, VGA, SOUND, BIOS, and windows too.

Hope you will get your problem by this.

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Something Trouble with my Dell Vostro


This is not the problem of battery or its charging, because you said that the problem is with your monitor screen.

If you have a problem in clock settings the we can proceed a matter to resolve it, keeping in view if you have any other anomaly in accordance with this concern then you have to write it otherwise you should go to the technical support of Dell company.

Against your second question, according to my understanding the basic problem is related to your RAM [Random Access Memory] not about VGA memory.

The RAM memory varies according to memory size as well as different types in connection with 32-bit or 64-bit, also RAM is dependent upon the system design and its architecture.

In the Windows you can only view a portion of your physical 8GB of RAM, having ‘Memory Mapped IO [input output] Reservations’.

They overlap the physical address space and mask these physical addresses so that they become reserve and cannot be more useful for any other purpose.

If you go into your BIOS [Basic Input Output System] Interface you can see the total memory of your RAM.

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